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The Christmas Light in Newtown Connecticut

By Aranza Herrera (Canada)

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 The Christmas Light in Newtown Connecticut

By Aranza Herrera

(Edited by Dr.Claude R.Shema)

The night was cold and dark, all I wanted was a Christmas wish, and if the angels from heaven granted me a wish, I wouldn’t wish for fame neither popularity nor all the money in the world.

All I would wish for would be to have a family and friends, the problem was that I did have all those people in my life, but they’re love for me wasn’t there anymore and will never be there.  

I had been with the same family for years and years, they adopted me when I was only 7 years old but now I’m 12 years old. I’m a small boy from Connecticut; I have brown hair with blue, bright eyes and a big heart my mom used to tell me my eyes were special, she would say “your eyes are beautiful and beautiful eyes mean a beautiful soul forever”.

It has been a week since I left those people behind, I knew they weren’t looking for me because I wasn’t important enough for them to love me or cherish me. My parents died when I was really young, my mom died when I was only 2 months old she died from cancer and my dad couldn’t hold in the pain anymore that he was willing to take his own life away.

He did do that and all I remembered on that day, was that it was my 6th birthday, we were sitting around the table at our house, I was eating cake and I was pretty happy but my dad seemed lonely and unhappy so he got up and told me was going to go upstairs for a minute.

 He left me alone for quite a while, I wasn’t worrying until I looked at the clock hanging up on the kitchen wall and it read 2:00 o’clock   and I got up from the table, I was making my way upstairs and that’s when I heard a gun go off, three times; Boom…….Boom……… and BOOM.

That was it…

Many people would think the same as me!...But still I am asking myself…Why?...Why?....Why?....and Why indeed?

Why little angels perished in Newtown of Connecticut? What have I missed?

Why a psychologist who was taking care of the future doctors, nurses, judges, heroes, teachers, famous has been killed? Why the lovely Principal who was full of love and lots of care was murdered? Please tell me why?

Needless to say, I do believe that those are true Heroes and are resting in the right place in Heaven, where they will be happy forever, under the Christmas Light!.

“You are gone, but we are together forever, because you are not and never will be forgotten.Our hearts are broken,but our spirits are stronger than ever." -Aranza Herrera ( 11 years old-F)/Edmonton Alberta/Canada

The Christmas Light, Story by Aranza Hereira

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