Boletilemang Gabokgatlhe

Boletilemang Gabokgatlhe     

Botswana Editor

I was brought up in Xhumo, a small village that lies along the mighty but unpredictable Boteti River in central Botswana. I work as a Human Capital Practitioner based in Gaborone. I have a BA in Politics and Administrative Studies from University of Botswana, MSc in HRM from Sheffield Hallam University and MSc in Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Metropolitan University.

I predominantly write short stories and poetry some of which have been published in various Magazines and Newspapers in Botswana, South Africa, UK and USA. I am currently working on a novel based on the skirmishes that took place between the Selous Scouts of Rhodesia and ZIPRA/ZANLA guerilla fighters in Northern Botswana during the 1970s.

For me it is difficult to classify my writing in the sense that I think I write about everything and even nothing, if nothing catches my fancy. Writing for me is about not being creative but being destructive, that is, to rearrange what is already there and to bring out the ugly or beautiful truth. Writers for me should not commit incest by conforming to some set standards but should explore and charter the unchartered.



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