Kenneth Mulholland

        Country Editor for Australia




From 1961 to 1988 I worked in the television industry in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, mainly as an in-house cameraman on various productions.

Most of these were for Australian audiences, although a couple I believe are still circulating to this day. One was known to our audiences as 'Prisoner,' and I think was known overseas as either 'Cell Block H', or 'Women in Prison', and the other production was 'Neighbours'. I worked on this show at the time of Kylie Minogue's exit on to greater rewards.

Now, my wife and I conduct a very small business that brings in our daily bread, and not much more.

My interests are, classical music, composers, writers and literature. (I have four copies of Homer's Iliad, one of which is an 1805 Knott and Lloyd edition translated by Alexander Pope) sculpture, art and the great artists.

The mediums I have worked with are oil, charcoal, watercolour, pencil, coloured inks and acrylics on wood, paper, oilboard, cardboard, parchment, leather and papyrus.

The maps for Varlarsaga were drawn in inks using a goose quill.



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