Michele Ohayon

Michèle Ohayon       

Authorme.eu Editor

I am currently living in Paris in the 10th district, where a river crosses medieval bridges and give out some of the most beautiful Neokitsch style photographs.  It is always an impression there that some wandering soul is walking by and about, looking for some wind to join through and only finding rifts in space.

I am a writer and a journalist, and today both as well as the editor of my own website,
www.loungeactnetediting house.com, or www.latitudesobjectives.com, which was born out of a necessity to both start a business venture generating revenue and using my skills and news knowledge to achieve my goals.-see our concept on the site -  It started out as a pilot in French and then finalized again this time into English.  I hold a BA in journalism from New York University where I took advanced graduate classes.  I have lived and worked in New York City about ten years.

My interests and specific personal studies for analysis are American and foreign movies, film making and photography, and physics and astronomy.

I also write concepts and sometimes inventions of my own when I am lucky.  It is quite interesting as a woman to be in the position of designing new things, those you do not even know whether they will work or not.  You just bite the bullet!

I have experience in book publishing, the one of both an independent and of an assigned worker answering directors of book collections.  My experience in journalism is of a great help here and I stay a news editor, even as a book editor.  I look for news editing a book, I research news correcting and structuring it, and I present news about it and its inherent news quality when I present and promote it, whether it is nonfiction or fiction!  Translating it is not newsy but it produces a lot of fun.

I also look for literary qualities in manuscripts but these standards are personal and this to anybody who likes to read.  So my book collections will speak for themselves.

I was born in Casablanca, in Morocco - I am 46- and then moved to Paris, France.  During my former educational years, I showed a very early talent for writing and conceptual text and photography analysis, which I nurtured over the years by attending the best literary or scientific colleges of Paris, one after the other.  I was in a scientific program but my passion always was with literature and writing.  I studied law for more than two years and then moved to New York City to NYU.  I later attended several practical classes such as filmmaking, business plans, Black and White photography and computer design.

I hope you will enjoy our proposals for fun, but most of all, reading our books.

I will soon publish under the pseudonym of Olivia Nicci.  So you will know me by this name as we go along.


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