Muli Wa Kyendo, Managing Editor

Muli Wa Kyendo

Managing Editor - Group

Muli  wa  Kyendo is a journalist, communication consultant, media entrepreneur, author and founder of Syokimau Cultural Centre, a non-profit organization which promotes culture,  research and writing as a conservation method. The Centre’s project, the Syokimau Cultural Center and Museum is a UNESCO World Decade for Cultural Development activity.

Education and Publications
Muli studied Sociology focusing on sociological theory, social change and development at the University of Nairobi and the Freie Universitat in Berlin before training as a journalist in London. His early books include Whispers and The Surface Beneath (Longman). He has also written and published children story books and plays.  The play, The Woman of Nzaui was performed to great media acclaim. It was written to popularize the Syokimau Cultural Center. His latest book is Culture for Positive Change: Six step communication guide for ethical leadership in Africa, whose purpose is to encourage the emergence and spread of responsible, community spirited leaders in the continent.

Work Experience
Muli started his career as a News Editor (Radio and TV) with the Kenya Government-owned Voice of Kenya (now Kenya Broadcasting Corporation). He worked as a reporter, writer, columnist and editor with Kenya’s largest newspaper, Nation Newspapers before launching himself as a publisher.  He has taught journalism and public speaking at universities and colleges.

Media Entrepreneur
One of his publications, Woman’s Mirror, became the leading magazine in its niche, before Muli became a victim of a government engineered campaign against his publications, independent media and journalists, in general during the era of President Daniel arap Moi. For a year, members of the then dreaded secret police -Special Branch - regularly sat in his office to approve the content appearing in his publications. Despite this, Muli did not flee the country as many other journalists and publishers did, choosing to stay on and fight to expand press freedom from within. The Syokimau Cultural Centre has taken part in protests against efforts to limit press freedom and made presentations for constitutional changes to safeguard freedom of speech.


Muli’s passion is to see the re-emergency of African culture from the negative and burdensome colonial framing. He hopes to see the development of new African values and reward system that can be empower African nations to fight tribalism, corruption, ignorance, poverty and disease and to take part as equal partners in the general harmonious evolution and economic development of the human race.  He believes only thinkers and writers can bring this about. Quoting Lee Beard,  Muli says he believes that ideas contained in books can be important and valuable gifts that can change lives – and even entire cultures. It has happened before.

Apart from running Syokimau Cultural Centre, Muli publishes Investment News magazine..  He is a member of the Global Harmony Association.

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