John Oryem

        Sudan Editor,




I shall work hard to engage all our young writers both in English and Arabic.

I have been writing since my early age. Lately in life I have written the images of our country which I canít describe it myself. I leave that to my readers. What was I writing about?

I wrote great deal of poetry, short stories, novels, collection of African proverbs and jokes. During my second year of college, I playfully sent my poetry anthology to Pentland Press in London. Two weeks after that submission of my Tentacles Of Life, I received an appraisal letter, which I can still recall; "your poetry encapsulates human feelings, it lasts longer in the memory and it requires close study." Whatever that means, I never took it serious because communications hindered that project.

Well, the trumpet of freedom has been blown in the Sudan.

I have been published in some few magazines and newspapers; Khartoum Monitor, SCBC Vision, JRS News Bulletin and VSP magazine. All my books are unpublished:

DANCE OF MEMORIES (novel) war, loneliness, hard choice, romance, and liberation.

THE BONE OF MY HEART (poetry) samples with you. Much more behind.

TALKING THINGS (African proverbs)

LEGS OF LIES (short stories) to be completed yet.


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