Tinashe Mushakavanhu

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Tinashe Mushakavanhu was born in Harare, in the early eighties soon after Zimbabwe's independence and belongs to the "born free" generation of Africans. He spent his formative years in the capital before moving to Gweru in 1999 with his family.

He is a serious young man; ambitious and goal driven. He is in his final year completing his English honours degree at Midlands State University, where he established the MSU Writer's Club, which he currently chairs. Coordinates The New Voices Magazine, a literary publication promoting new and young writing from Zimbabwe; and recently begun working on a national programme to promote poetry in Zimbabwe with another young writer, Kudzai Chikomo, called "Poetrypetals."

Tinashe became the youngest writer to be selected to participate in the Crossing Borders Creative Writing project, a British Council and Lancaster University (UK) initiative.

For a young person, Tinashe leads a busy life - he simultaneously writes for two newspapers as a literary correspondent. Two of his short stories, 'City Insomnia' and 'Amainini Wendy' have been published in an anthology, Short Writings from Bulawayo II (2005). His many other poems and stories have been published in various media.

What does writing mean to him? "My first impulsive answer will be to say, I don't know. When I started writing, it was a way of letting out pent up emotions...But now, as I grow older and begin to think more of writing, I have started to write about the life around me; it's complexities, it's absurdities and the simple daily happenings."



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