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by David C. Cook III

Jenny Wren


A Biblical Chronicle

Present tense stories Bible times by Jenny Wren (Lois Blashak) and the late David C. Cook III

NOMAD: A Refugee Poet
AuthorMe paperback







"Leave or Die," he was told. Driven from home by the authorities in République Démocratique du Congo, Rais Boneza escaped with his family and thousands of other dispossessed people. He shuffled from one neighboring country to the next: Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda. Border guards purloined his writings. Arriving in Uganda he wrote again, creating Nomad, a precious collection of his hopes, dreams, and an outcry for the conditions he sees in the land he loves. Read his verses and experience the hidden misery faced by a refugee in a land of political strife, bloodshed, and yet – a brilliant promise.


ISBN : 0-9726996-1-9
Library of Congress Control Number: 2003111058
Published by
Cook Communication
P. O. Box 451
Dundee, IL 60118
© 2003 Rais Neza Boneza
All rights reserved.


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The Black Eagle Girls Series

by Kenneth Mulholland





Vol. 1. -  Meet the BlackEagle Girls - A Novel by Ken Mulholland (G)

Chapter 1 - Can't Get Much Worse

Chapter 2 - Oh Yes it Can

Chapter 3 - And it can even get worser - Dream - Hallucination - Nightmare?

Chapter 4 - Waking up is hard to do (And Spooky too)

Chapter 5 - Now Let's See what Gizzard Got

Chapter 6 - The Mystical Peridot

Chapter 7 - Well! What Did Happen Next?

Chapter 8 - Hildebrand, Sole and a Sock

Chapter 9 - Derriere, croupe or-oh my gosh-bottom!

Chapter 10 - In the attic and under the covers

Chapter 11 - Henry to the Rescue

Chapter 12 - Have you ever been to Hedgeley Dene?

Chapter 13 - Please don't snack on the wafers

Chapter 14 - Chinatown

Chapter 15 - The BlackEagle flys...

Chapter 16 - Into Africa

Chapter 17 - Dis-Orientation Day

Chapter 18 - Can't Get much Better

Vol. 2 - BlackEagle Girls and The Sacred Secret - A Novel by Ken Mulholland (G)  (posted 2/15/05)

Chapter 1 - Dirty Harry Comes Clean

Chapter 2 - Dummies and Dummiers

Chapter 3 - A Rose by any other Name

Chapter 4 - Hit us with your rhythm stick, Gus

Chapter 5 - You don't spit into the wind. ('Cos if ya do...)

Chapter 6 - ... the spit can hit the fan!

Chapter 7 -  Who ya Gonna Call?

Chapter 8 - Hey Dude

Chapter 9 - Let's Get Physical

Chapter 10 - Cool bananas!

Chapter 11 - Tick-a-lock. Pick-a-lock. Or, un-tic-a-lock?
Unreal orange peel!

Chapter 12 - Hit me, but don't shi... 

Chapter 13 - Child's Play

Chapter 14 - In Vino Veritas

Chapter 15 - Tasmania, via the Toilet

Chapter 16 - Skewered

Chapter 17 - The Depths of the Secret

Chapter 18 - Sacrosanct

Vol. 3 - BlackEagle Girls and The Ice-Angel of Death- A Novel by Ken Mulholland  2006

Vol. 4 - BlackEagle Girls and The Pirates of the Mystic Caravan- A Novel by Ken Mulholland 2009

Vol. 5 - BlackEagle Girls and the Quest To See - A Novel by Ken Mulholland  Current






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