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Agilia (The Forbidden Truth)

By Ajay Singh (India)

Fiction in versus account
As“new spiritual information”- Designed beyond all the premeditated religious and political definitions.


This book serves as a short literary form for both entertainment and enlightenment, combining science and theology in a singular notion. Its audience is a young readership with the objective of securing the safety and morality of future generations.

   The realms of science and philosophy constitute a chasm and schism. And the theological graces (separated by religious boundaries and borders) serve as obstacles that will never allow civil and informed dialogues amongst scientists, philosophers and theologians, for the human purpose of clarity and insights into philanthropy.

   At present, our existence on earth is separated by discrepancies, differences, and divergence between religions. This dilemma makes for an absence of security under the shadow of nuclear weapons and the effects of global warming. Spirituality remains the basic potency to evolve and innovate within the context of philanthropy, which has descended into dangerous depths by neglecting the darker aspects of scientific achievements.

  Now is the essential time for our leadership in ministry and the global literate community to raise the excellence of literature, one that affirms the true fact of our inherited system of thought, without disgracing the belief systems of humanity at large.

    Following the vital problem of kindling the rebirth of spirituality in this current period, this book is designed to define all our theological definitions to fill in the intangible gaps between science and theology through conversations between a fictitious God and the embodiments of Nature, which appears as “new spiritual information” that approaches science (mind) and theology (spirit) not only to explore beyond belief systems, but also to rescue us from an unnatural end.

   The potential of literature enthralls our minds and spirits from our childhoods and character development, which in turn leads us on the path to heaven or hell. Thus, without a redirection toward the graces of literature, it is not possible for science to follow a theological analysis to enhance our safety and perpetuate the foundations for peace.

    By means of a short explanation of the philosophies of evolution, science, and theology, this book is especially designed for young people in reconstituting the world community toward a path to peace.


FATHER: A fictitious character created according to our religious depictions of God based on all religious teachings following the science and history of humanity. This character embodies and defines God and the relation to religion and mankind according to the requirements of the contemporary world. This character illustrates both science and theology within the context of conversations with Nature. The Father epitomizes the essence of God following all the leading religious notions in unison. All definitions of God and the sacred incarnations are based on present needs, yet not confronting the abyss of massacre as evidenced in our current levels of scientific progress. Religion is a subject to be followed on the foundation of humanity, not to become bastardized for terrestrial or political beneficence.

NATURE: This character embodies supernatural power, which appears as a true emblem of motherhood. The symptoms of fatherhood appear as our genetic nature, which always changes its aspect in the enslavement or bondage of desires. However, the existence of any creature is a fruition of the pain and graces of a mother. Whenever we have tried to cross the limit of this natural process, we have created the basis for annihilation. This character lays bare the truth of Nature, with the facts that human beings have always ignored their own beneficence and fame, following the breadth and scope of scientific achievements. Today, humanity is rapidly destroying the graces of Nature that are essential for our existence on Earth. This character appears as the Goddess that represents the fame of motherhood, not based on any mythological theory.

AGILIA: A negative character representing all the worse aspects of our evil deeds that force us to an unnatural end. This character enthralls our mind and spirit in mazes of opulence and, thereafter, sophisticates the verve of our complacence by disgracing the basis of our belief systems. This character represents all the weak points of mankind that disgrace its foundations. Directly from the origin of human beings, this character had enthralled the mind and the spirit of humanity to evolve beyond the natural process, for the bliss that appears as the basis of sorrow. It is not a mythological character: we can feel its potentials captivating the emotions of humanity anywhere in world.

ANGEL: This character is the emblem of divinity, always representing the potential of truth and belief. It appears everywhere among us, suffering the pain of our evil deeds. Presently, this character is still struggling to save the very essence of humanity, yet ignored by human beings rushing toward an unnatural end.


CHAPTER ONE: The introduction and representation of all the leading characters are based on the concepts of cosmology, theology, and ethnology. The characters are based on our existence on this planet, approaching mind and spirit to evolve naturally. However, the negative character of Agilia enthralls our mind and spirit in labyrinthine desire for opulence, thus revealing the facts of divinity.

Both the sacred and evil aspects of our existence embodies our thoughts and behavior. Here, their identification is separated. Differences exist about the origin of human beings on earth; theological definitions diverge; and scientific insight rejects all. For the unification of the origin of this planet, our thoughts bringing both science and theology together in a single notion are unified.

CHAPTER TWO: The inevitable effects of sacred and evil deeds are revealed, directly from the origin of our planet, following the theory of the Big Bang. The entire process of nature is based on both the effects of day and night.

CHAPTER THREE: The assumption reinvigorating the embodiment of supernatural power in the guise of nature is rapt in the beautification of this planet with diligence and excellence of peace. Evident is the hypothesis of our prehistoric era, separating the embodiment of good and evil during the natural process of mankind known as evolution.

CHAPTER FOUR: The facts of the origin of human beings on this planet are explored here. According to all our religious points of view, many definitions exist about the origin of human beings, which obviously separate our belief systems. Therefore, to define the basis of all our religions, scientific theories of evolution are explored.

CHAPTER FIVE: The commencement of civilization in the “outskirts” is investigated, separated by the genetic nature of humanity and its natural process. It was the time of the rise of theology embodying both the minds and the spirits of human beings, after which the evolution of mind emerged as a science. This separated the basis of spirituality and the genetic nature of the evolution of mankind based on fear and passions for the use of theology as a science. Thus, to save the potential of our revelations, incarnations were essential for humankind in dubiety among the rise of science beyond religious assumptions.

CHAPTER SIX: Conflicts between science and theology have created the basis for massacre, burdened by the desires of mortal humankind seeking opulence and excellence of immortality. Instead of following the attributes from incarnations, within separate belief systems humanity began to use it for their own beneficence. This was the period of the incarnations of Jainism and Buddhism that reinvigorated the potential of revelation based on peace and humanity to approach science for the sake of philanthropy among civilizations in dubiety.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Contemporary incidents are illustrated as mentioned in the sixth chapter. Before the birth of Lord Jesus Christ in the Mid-East, the rise of the mind ruled over spirituality with the intention to emerge as an emblem of God based on terror among the generations suffering in the mazes of theological definitions. Lord Jesus has been incarnated as the sacred luster of spiritualism for the redemption of creatures suffering in puzzles of evil. The sanctification of the majority facing poverty enriched the mind creating Gods. Lord Jesus suffered pain on the cross to save the fame of divinity and reinvigorate the revelations that lead us to a path of peace.

CHAPTER EIGHT: After the death of Lord Jesus Christ, current generations in the Mid-East were frustrated in the thralldom of gods as an emblem of opulence. These generations were evoked by “new sacred spiritual information" that emerged from the potency of forgiveness and humanity to control the spiritual damages creating the basis for massacres. The mindsets of humankind--with the potential of science and premeditated theological theories--have ruled over our current civilization, creating the basis for the Middle Eastern religious conflicts (still disrupting the entire world).

Actually, the theological arguments between "old sacred definitions" and "new sacred information” have been based on the needs of a given period, providing chances for science to eliminate spirituality, which have confused and frustrated that generation. The incarnation of the "last messenger" was to reinvigorate the potential of revelation among mankind with belief disgraced after the fall of spirituality in the minefields of the mind (science), rising as thralls of Agilia. Still, the genetic nature appears more effective than science and theology, creating the basis for annihilation. Though we have gained some "spiritual information" from such realms as Sikhism, the existence of human beings (separated by religious borders and boundaries) are searching for a path to peace under the shadow of nuclear weapons. Is this possible?

CHAPTER NINE: We always used whatever we created for good or evil. In the final analysis, a message for all literate communities, theologians, atheists, and leaderships in the ministry approaches both science and theology as essential needs of this current period. Are we safe under the shadow of nuclear weapons after ignoring the graces from the worlds of theology and literature?

Here, the fact appears in the dialogues between the father and the embodiment of nature that elucidates the end of our existence on this planet.



The introduction and representation of all the leading characters is based on the concepts of cosmology, theology, and ethnology. The characters are based on our existence on this planet, approaching mind and spirit to evolve naturally. However, the negative character of Agilia enthralls our mind and spirit in labyrinthine desire for opulence, thus revealing the facts of divinity.
                                     * * *


                                        Far away   

                                        On a star of a Milky way…


         The existence of spirits,
         Without any form
         Was suffering as timid and forlorn,
         In mazes of sanctity and sin,
         Facing the darkness of terror within


         Even Angel was frustrated
         Among spirits embroiled between
         Blaze of sin and peace of sanctity
         With sacred graces helpless was he,
         Struggling against the rise of profanity.


         Soon Angel called Father
         To create a habitation

         For all innocent helpless spirits,

         Bewildered on path to salvation.

Father emerged perceptive and knowing
And said, "Let us evoke the real form of mother.
To create your habitation forever.
For all the spirits, on the path to salvation,
She is the basis of our sacred power."

"She is the mother of all spirit
As devotee of undesirable devotion
Even she is the inferno, for rise of passion,
That will emerge as fire of annihilation."


              "O, my Father!” said Angel
              "All exists by thy reasoning,
              Call her to create the basis for salvation.
              Really all particles of spirit will need a heaven.

              Without the agony of damnation."


"Amen!" Said Father with mystic smile
"Innovate among luster of supernaturalism,
As stoic within her shadows of illusionism
Even the terror of darkness will emerge,
To seduce the creative verve of theism."

 "Until the fall of evil existence,
 I will incarnate for reformation.
As the needs of any creation
 I am always obtainable for all,
To sanctify the path to salvation."

"Potential of the love and peace
Always approaches this supernatural power.
Now have the benefit of her ecstatic smile
To sanctify my creation forever."


                    After a call from Father

                    The supernatural power emerged as a nymph                
                    Clad with sacred shine of sanctity.
                    With both negative and positive aspects
                    Was the incarnation of that celestial entity


"O, emblem of love and peace," stated Father.
"The real creators of this creation.
Create a heaven for my spirits,
Suffering on path to damnation."

"Serve sacred graces to sanctify all
And face the pain of mortality.
To beautify the path to salvation,
Rise up with the fame of divinity." 


                 Soon her negative aspects within darkness

                 Emerged as her replica
                 And prayed to the great Father:
                "Save my existence, O omnipotent,
                 From this basis of all disaster"

               "I am better enough than this shine,
                To create a heaven in sky.
                Offer me a chance, O my Father,
                Only for once I want to try."

               "Even am I a part
                Of your supernatural power
                Immortal and potential enough
                To embody all spirits in beatific figure,
                But I want my replica to shine
                As my obedient slave forever"



"You, both the potentials of invincibility
Separated from one celestial existence
Now you are the basis of heaven and hell,
Existent in cosmos with separate excellence
"Now embody all the formless spirits."
Said Father with a mystic smile
"And create a heaven, on basis of complacence.”


               Just as the sacred shine of divinity
               Tried to evolve with the graces of complacence
               Soon, her negative aspects as darkness
               Began to eliminate the shine, to prove her excellence

               Both the mortal aspects of supernatural power
               Emerged separating the one existence of father.
               Within embodiment of sin and sanctity
               Began to blast against each other.
               Creating infernos in infinite cosmos
               Among the formless spirits facing terror.


Now Father told Angel with a smile:
"Help the shine! Save the emblem of chastity!
For the graces of supernatural power,

Save the existence of divinity!

This dark tangled mazes the verve of creative sapience.
It will seduce all deiform,
Towards the agony of mortality."

"For a heaven in cosmos

 Enrich the basis of sanctity

 Prevent the rise of sins within darkness
 As a patron of immortality
 Until the final divine victory,
 I will embroil the evil in mazes of mortality."



                       As the wish of great Father,
                       Soon Angel emerged between
                       The clash of supernatural power
                       To help divinity against polluter.

                       Just as he was near about to defeat
                       The originators of sins – forever
                       Soon he was enthralled in illusion of desire
                       Falling in mazes of the evil power.


                              The potential of the dark dapples
                              Emerged near Angel as a nymph.
                              With attractive heaven, made by illusion.
                              And stated, "I am Agilia, your agile thrall.
                              Potential enough to beautify this creation."

                            "O, mighty victor of this cosmos!
                             Without embodiment we cannot play
                              Let us beautify each other
                             The time of our fortune is passing away."


                    With the joy of victory and in illusion of opulence,
                     Angel lost his own sacred power and ability,
                     Trapped by the smile of Agilia, in a florid garden,
                     He was enthralled in mazes of puerility.

                     After the fall of Angel, in maze of evil illusion,
                     The shine of supernatural power came back to Father,
                     So the evils got golden chance to trap all formless psyches
                     In mazes of horrid shameless figure.
                     Sins in subordination of Agilia began to rise high,
                     As a victorious ensign of evil power.

                     In a blaze of puerility,
                     As Angel lost his sacred potency
                     To suffer the pain of damnation.
                     The Sinner began to celebrate impeccable victory,
                     Without offering Angel any chance for salvation.

                              Soon Father
                              Told to supernatural power.
                            “Save the fame of divine
                              Fallen in mazes of sin forever.”


Obeying the order of kind Father,
The sacred shine of supernatural power
Captured Angel under her own cool ray.
Before it could be stopped,
Shine, with Angel, was on her way.


                           After salvation by mercy of almighty
                           As newborn from dark illusion.
                           Feeling the pain of degradation,

                           Angel asked Father.

                          “Why the joy of victory is lethal

                            Seductive for any innocent believer?
                            My Father! Let me learn and know
                           “Why the belief of Sanctity falls,
                            In the mazes, made by evil power?"


Patron of supernatural power
Existent as belief of psyche among juncture.
Spoke with nectarine smile on his face -
To satisfy the innocent believer.

                    "I exist for all believers

                      Not only for sanctity.
                      My benefit is for good and evil
                      Even for the spirit in mazes of profanity."

                    "Hope and joy,
                      Is the first step towards sorrow.
                      Spirit in embodiments will always die,
                      Victimized in mazes of their own ego."

                   "The origin of joy based on desire
                     Cripples the verve of spiritual power.
                     Enthralling psyche in mazes of guilt,
                     It changes the divinity,
                     As the blaze of pyre."

                    "Existence of divinity,
                      Beautifies the path towards salvation.
                      You should stoically sanctify
                      The rots of profanation.
                      Now watch the misguided Agilia
                      Rushing with psyches towards damnation."


Far in the illusive heaven
Shameless peccants were enjoying their victory
Rapt with evil liaison, haughty Agilia was salacious,
Offering a figure to all innocent psyche
To enthrall them in heinous profanation.

As Angel saw the unbelievable sight
He stood up with his own sacred power.
Without tolerance, with perplexity,
He wanted to destroy the base of sin,
To sanctify all psyche forever.


                 Father told him, just at that moment.
               "Try to behave as an innocent believer.
                 At this period of juncture,
                 When the dark is standing ahead
                 Of the luster of supernatural power."

                "Victory and sanctity need vows of renunciation,
                  Do not fall in the blaze of retaliation.
                  Remember, the first lesson of divinity
                  Vanity is an obstacle on path to salvation."


"O, my Father of all," said Angel.
"Now all psyches are on the path of damnation.
Not even a jot is safe from evil illusion.
Please help me now, in this maze of dark,
I want to save the entire psyche from profanation."


                   "For all am I," said Father.
                   "Able enough to protect the volition of truth.
                   But when these originators of sins are rough,
                   All sapient should behave as smooth.”

                  "Try to be suave,
                   Among the mazes of dark,
                   With this supernatural shine,
                    Inviolable tolerance is needed
                   To save the fame of divine."

                  "By luster of tolerance we shine.
                    Retaliation makes all incapable.
                    Wait! Till end of this improbable celebration,
                    Victory of this dark is not stable."


Angel as obedient stood near Father
Under shine of supernatural power.
And began to watch the evil deeds
For the period, to emerge as sacred luster.

Spirits in horrid embodiment
Began to celebrate, the function held by evil authority
There was nothing to enjoy except sadism,
For the spirits in thralldom of dark potency.


Victory of the mother of sins,
Emerged with painful clamor
Making the evils lurid roisterers,
Free from fear of sacred power.

Agilia as an evil innovator
Was now the Regina of that illusive heaven
Not by the faith or not by the truth
Evil liaison was her attraction.

Rise of the pride
Of any evil deed
Can only create a base for guilt
Falling in mazes of greed.

Timidity, to hide behind fame,
Always cripples sanctity and adds to the shame.


                             To uphold the victory,
                             Agilia soon gathered all the evil power.
                             To trap them in a tangle of their own attraction
                             She began to bewitch the frantic hordes
                              Under the dark ensign of profanation.

                            "You all mighty victors of cosmos,
                             Try to be steady for your own perpetuation.
                             We are only to win and enjoy,
                              Not to waste time on salvation."

                            “Bliss is only for mighty and brave
                              Not for the incapable divinity.
                              Luster is the power of our envy.
                              Seductive for us is the graces of sanctity."

                             "Darkness is the base of our existence,
                               Shine of sanctity makes you inhibited.
                               Truth is the pretence of cowards
                               And mercy is lethal for cunning.”

                             "Envious with suave behavior,
                               Should hide in base of theism.
                               Destroy the graces of divinity,
                               To rise with seductive power of illusionism."

                               "Neuter under armor of prurience
                                Will destroy the base of sanctification.
                                Selfishness should capture all sanctuary,
                                To raise the ensign of profanation."


Enthralling all peccants in her own maze
By illusive prurient smile of profanation
Agilia disappeared as timid from that conclave.
Satisfied with the power of her illusion.

Blaze of desire rises high
And creates a stand for perdition.
Now thralls of Agilia came out from her maze
And gathered to trap her for evil liaison


                         Evil liaison is originator of sins
                         Needs only armor of pretence.
                         Sly began to seduce the conclave,
                         As pioneer of those evil existence.

                       "Awake, all mighty of this cosmos
                         For freedom from a quean
                         That grace of a boudoir,
                         By deceit became our queen."

                         "In servitude of an elusive woman
                          We will have to stay far away from opulence.
                          Existence of womanhood is only to enjoy,
                          No, not to enthrall our potency."




Blaze of prurience is most ruinous
That never offers a chance to Sanctify.
So all peccant with blaze of lust
As frantic asked the sly
"We want Agilia as a slave

Now from where should we try?"


                    The effects of the evil deeds
                     Never take time to gather.
                     Soon the cunning was able enough,
                     To trap all the evil power.


Neuter was soon changed into dandy,
As an emblem of prurience.
Enthralling all the gathering
Sly began to enrich his own existence.

Saying: "Prurience is our potency,
The real power to make her slave.
With greed he will emerge near Agilia
To trap her in maze of smooth behaves.

“Both mighty as forlorn with wounds
Will capture her heart and sapience.
Greed will trap her in a tumble of emotion.
Prurience will soon destroy her insight."


                           Greed and puerility soon went off,
                            Much faster, they began to try.
                            They called Agilia with forlorn voice,
                            Hiding their own lust behind pathetic cry.

                          "O, venerable! Save us from damnation,
                           We all are in a grave of perdition.
                           You are dethroned by a confrontation,
                            Save our existence in this creation."

As Agilia heard the cry of her own co-partner,
She emerged with heart full of pity.
Looking at their wounds and wizened visage,
She asked them with perplexity,
"Existence of dark is immortal and invincible,
I hope it is an illusion of a deity."


                        Told the greed with pathetic voice.
                       "Really, he is an attractive dandy,
                         With horrible power to mesmerize.
                         We all fought, with all our might,
                          But by deceit, he was able to anaesthetize."

                        "We all are slave as now,
                          Of that illusive invincible power,
                          Though we tried to baffle his invasion.
                          But we could only gain the pain of damnation.
                          He is an invincible entity,
                          With lethal power of annihilation."

                          "Anyhow by help of the mighty sly,
                           We both were able to escape from his damnation.
                           Please, save all your thralls from agony,
                           Tragic for us, is your separation."


Achievements from both trapped her soon,
Raising the blaze of her vanity.
As a frantic, with horrible mood,
She came up as an invincible entity.

"Come on both and watch,
The illusive power of my attraction.
No one at all can face the existence of dark,
Never, not in my creation."


                          "Forgive us, O my creator,"
                            Greed told with fear and began to quiver.
                           "Now we are unable to face that nefarious
                            Though we are your slave forever."


Agilia smiled, to hide own vanity
Under trap of the lethal maze.

Effects of all the evil deeds
Always emerges as deceit with fatal blaze.

"Return back to me again," Told Agilia.
"O you dark dapples of supernatural existence."
And soon she was victimized,
In the trap of greed and prurience.


                          Heart of Agilia was caught by greed,
                          And her sapience was captured by prurience.
                          She was trapped just in a while
                          By the sins originated from her own existence.

                                                * * *


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