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Wounds of a Man

By Agufa Kivuya (Kenya)


On the other hand, life was extremely pleasant for the newlywed couple. On hearing the report about Tina demise Purity relaxed, her greatest fear of Hamisi one day going back to Tina disappeared from her like air from a burst tire. Even though her mind settled, the fact that Tina was her best friend tormented her. She locked herself in her bedroom and wept bitterly. If only she could have had another way to assist Tina, her friend, rather than giving Hamisi back to her, she could have gone far to save Tina. Unfortunately, Hamisi was hers and wasnít willing to exchange him with anything in the world. She adored Hamisi and Hamisi showed warm passion towards her. Even truly Tina would not have made a perfect match to Hamisi; she thought, Hamisi political career was fast rising and thus he required a civilized and apt lady like her to help him aim higher not as naÔve as Tina was. She felt deep pity for poor Tina. In fact, Tina was guilty for snatching Hamisi from her in the first place.

Hamisi loved her wife purity and could not stop showing her off. He always strutted to political meetings holding her soft hand. The world envied and congratulated them. Their ever smiling faces left little to imagination of their wonderful palatial home. Hamisi would even go as far as deep kissing her before television cameras. There was indeed true love that knew no shame and boundaries. The masses thought them the best couple alive on earth. Life was pleasant to them like a cold Fanta on a hot summer afternoon. The unfortunate in marriage wondered and sometimes even dropped tears when they saw Hamisi and Purity ever smiling despite anything. Surely why on earth do people like Hamisi harmoniously and perfectly match with their wives as others couples look at each other with rueful faces? Hamisi had married the best lady who knew what exactly to say and do and when. Men envied Purity.

After a year purity conceived and later gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she christened Akinyi. After another four more years she gave birth to another baby girl who she christened Adisa, in honour of her grandmother and on mutual consent they decide to end there and give their daughters the best life ever. The ever piling pressure on Hamisi from relatives and acquaintances to look for her son miserably failing to materialize. Hamisi was not one to be swayed by public opinion

Even though it was a mutual consent but mainly pushed forth by Hamisi, Hamisi relatives blamed Purity for it claiming he was hen pecked. Others even branded him as a cock that doesnít crow at home. But all this just strengthened the bond that tied them together. They eagerly waited for their separation.

The girl grew up having almost everything they actually asked for regardless of having access to best education, scrumptious meals, resplendent clothing and world class care. Akinyi grew up as a brown, tall, slim and talkative girl with blonde hair that bolstered her beauty, having a striking resemblance to her mother. She was her father delight simply because her beauty was at par with her intelligence in school. She was as bright as him. He viewed her as her real heir and already dreamt of her becoming the nationís first female president, so he started grooming her as early as she was thirteen years old. He made sure she accompanied him to political meetings and went ahead to introducing her to world best politicians. Even though Hamisi insisted he loved all her daughters without being partial, the conspicuous truth was that he loved Akinyi more than Adisa. Adisa was brownish, short and slightly fat lady who wasnít as bright in classroom as her father wanted. Her slow mind just chased away her fatherís affection. Adisa was able to notice her fatherís dislike to her dismal performance in school but however much she struggled she never improved significantly. Her position in class seemed static like a stature. This in turn made her a

polite and quiet girl whenever she went. She never asked for much as she was always content with what she was proffered with. In that way she was able to stay peaceful with her self-willed and arrogant sister.

Hamisiís love for Akinyi made him too protective. At the tender age of eight, he could not allow her to go anywhere alone. He had to look for a qualified chaperone to make sure she grows up a responsible and well-mannered lady. He was willing to go an extra mile to make sure nobody would defraud her daughter of her treasured girlhood until the right time

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