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Love is the Foundation of Peace

By A. R. Wielgus (USA)

Justice is the leverage of peace
You, who govern the Republic
and hold the justice of citizens in your palms.
You, I say entrusted as shepherds
to whom superiority above God’s herd was given.
Have this always in front of your eyes
that you are substituting for God on Earth,
from which you have to care not so for your things,
but all humans you have to guard.
To you the power over ordinary people was given,
but above you is the Lord of all,
to Him anytime record of your deeds
you have to make – hard is for crooked  to go there.
Incorruptible this Lord is and not asking
for social status or riches,
if someone is poorly dressed or is famous.
Whoever the least is guilty, has to be punished.

Jan Kochanowski

translated by A. R. Wielgus

-Chris Abani ‘Histories.’

Love is the foundation of peace and without peace there is no love.

It is good to love the neighbor, better yet to love everybody. It is good when peace is among common people, better yet when peace is among those who govern the people. The best peace is when it is among all nations.

People who govern the countries ought to give example of their love that the people under their control do not perish in wars and that the love of governors is visible in their Republics to all their subjects. As the dearest mother you ought to love the Republic which you govern. You are the tyrants if you do not uphold the laws of the Republic or if you substitute false freedom for justice. Before one governor signed into the law, same gender marriage, he said lets honor those who perished in recent tornados in our state with the moment of silence.  He said, “May God have mercy on their mortal souls.” If souls are mortal, God cannot help them for they are dead.  Also, one father brought 9 year old son to witness this ceremony and said, “this is my moral duty”, but some say, it is immoral as abortion is unethical.  You are rich because of your positions, but your mother, the country is poor. Oh, lovely mother, your governors  are getting corrupted.  What else this mother, your country could have given you? Justice is the elementary unit of good human relations. Love and peace are based on justice.  Oppressed people do not love their persecutors and peace without justice is only temporary.

If you love your country and other people you also love yourself.  If you do not respect other people and do not maintain peace, you deceive yourself and by your corruption your Republic will fall and you with all you have forever.

© A. R. Wielgus 2013



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