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Outdoor Advertisements

by Ali Abdosamadi (Iran)


Actual research refers to a comparison on design of outdoor advertisements and their different characters and effectiveness between Castellon in Spain and Warrington in UK. This kind of media consists, for examples, posters, billboards, shelters and their contents and evidently their effectiveness on its audience. This project considers the strategies of creativity and messages also population who are targeted by this kind of media.

Generally, all signals transmitted by a company must reflect a coherent and single message through all promotional channels. These signals must be based on characteristics that are unique to outdoor advertisements and how these unique characteristics can be successful.

The most important factors that designers have to consider if they want to exploit and maximize the communicative power of outdoor advertising consists:

1 the unique characteristics of outdoor advertisement: the capacity to deliver a target message to target market in specific geographic area and raise awareness very rapidly.

2 the appearance of materials includes the relationship of text to image and coherence between other used elements. For example, a message transmitted by an image has to be understandable and minimizes misinterpretation. But, other elements of a message which guaranty the mentioned coherence: color, typography, size, location

3 message style: based on results of research into Attitude, level of awareness, perceived knowledge and behaviors of audiences. All messages including:

A straight sell

B Scientific/technical evidence message

C Demonstration

D Comparison

E Testimonial

F Slice of life

G Dramatization

H Fantasy

I Animation

J Cultural symbol

4 The use of language: briefly, the text used in outdoor advertisement must require minimal time to has to be clear and simple.


In this project the support investigated into three categories:

1 Billbords and single posts

2 Bus shelters and 6-sheets

3 Advertisements affixed to the buses

These three types are the most common in both towns and that is why these are chosen. The data collected was then analyzed in term of following factors:

1 Type of support/platform (platform, single posts and )

2 Location of support

3 Type of advertisement

4 Type of campaign

5 Type of production

6 Creative tactics:
A proportional use of visual illustrations and text with in designs

B dominant color used
7 Message style


The collected data was interpreted using Horizontal Analysis. This analysis is classified in three phases:


Identify the range of the outdoor platforms used in each town. Then establish a basis for comparison of the types platforms and creativities. Photographing platforms used in both towns.

Phase 2:

Determining types of advertisers as local, national or international and identify the creative technics employed in design of materials based on similarities and differences.

Phase 3:

Conclusion based on data collected.

To determine differences in creative tactics used in both regions these objectives are identified
1 To conduct a review of theories of creativity to this kind of advertising

2 To identify what kind of advertiser and for what kind of production use it

3 To identify type of campaign (local, national and international)

4 To identify creative techniques and strategies used in advertisements

5 To stablish a correlation between 2,3and4

6 To identify the reason(s) for any differences between cultures based on design and its techniques


A summary about results of this horizontal research

1 Type of support:

A Billboards + single posts

B Bus shelters+6 sheets

C posters

In Castellon 84.2% is for billboard and single posts and in Warrington is 44.1% for the same one.

2 Location of advertisement

A City center 83% for Castellon and 17% for Warrington

B Suburb 80% for Castellon and 17 % Warrington

3 Type of advertisement

A local Castellon is 56.8% and Warrington 29.4%

B National Castellon 14.7% and Warrington 47%

C International Castellon 28.4% and Warrington 23.5%

4 Type of campaign

A Branding B on behalf of local venues C product launch D products E promotion F public or local information

Castellon 34.7% for promotions and Warrington 32.7% for products

5 Type of product

A Alcohol B Automobile C Miscellaneous D non- alcoholic beverages E Real estate F retail outlets G Telephone companies

For Castellon 31.6% is about retail outlets and for Warrington 39.7 for Miscellaneous

6a Creative tactics:

A Image (by illustration) B Image (photo) C 50-50 (text and image) D Text

In this case Castellon is 43.2% for text and Warrington is 58.8% for image (photo).

6b Dominant color

In the case, in Castellon 33.9% is for white and 50.7% is for no one color dominant for Warrington.

7 Message style

A Animation
B Comparison with competitors
C Cultural symbol
D Demonstration
E Fantasy
F Technical evidence
G slice of life
H Straight sell
I testimonial

In this case 38.2% is straight sell for Warrington and 63.8% is the same factor for Castellon.

--Ali Abdosamadi



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