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Peace Story

By Nina Goncharova (Siberia)


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"Co-Creating a New Future:
Peace, Love and Harmony”

A true story of a Siberian woman, who once totally trusting Life, made a step into unknown.
She became a peace pilgrim for creating another, new, humane world.
What has happened during her pilgrimage path?
Who are we? Where are we going? Why are we here?









                Stream forward and fly – on the verge of the worlds,
               Give up all mistakes of the ages behind,
               You’ll fly over chasm for your dreams to unfold!
                                      You’ll see a New World – humane and divine.

Do you feel the Invisible Legend happening now? We all take part in a never existed transition into a new future – the one of peace, love and harmony. Our planet is being transformed into a new Earth. The consumption civilization has led us to the very brink of an abyss and we are meant to make together a joint jump over it into a new future of high vibrations of love, the world of conscious co-creation with each other, nature, God and the Universe.  In order to make this “jump” we are to overcome the abyss existing within us and become aware of a true life path. What is this abyss about? The time was meant to arrive and this time is now when we should become truly humane and stop fighting and producing destruction. How? By pouring love in response to hatred and thus helping our stumbling humanity to be transformed.  It should be the beginning of a new humane humanity that presents unconditional love to all living beings, nature and the Universe thus co-creating a tender spiritual fabric for ennobling the world and the Universe. At the crucial time of this transition, instead of wasting our energy naming problems and fighting, we should stay focused on the positive vision of a new future. We should focus all our attention, all our inner energy, in creating a humane other world in parallel with the existing old society!  We can do it hand in hand, only together. We are to awaken and synchronize collective consciousness and our souls to make this transition. We will find ourselves “under a new heaven on a new land” if we prepare it and create it ourselves now..

            My Peace story is about getting ready and taking part in this invisible but vivid legend of a new future that happens now in simplicity and awesomeness of life.  I was born in Russia in a far land - Zabaykalye - a place for exile of Decembrists, people who tried to rebel against the ruling Tzar in the 19th century  in Russia. Intuitively feeling my life path, I faithfully moved from one place to another after I felt that I did all I could for people in the place where I lived.  Observing life and peoples’ behavior I was eager to find the way out – how to cast off the spells of people locked inside the old thinking and existing systems. I said to myself that we should find the way to save and enlighten people. Meanwhile my life with its constant tests had been creating good conditions for me to learn to love unconditionally. In 1985 after hearing the call of Novosibirsk city I moved to Siberia with my son feeling a new epoch of my life to be started.
Divine love experience. Once I had a dream that was much more real than this reality! 
I found myself within a starry space. I was inside eternal Silence. I realized that I was nowhere and simultaneously I sensed that I was everywhere. I felt every point and the entire Universe as myself. And I also felt that there was an invisible true essence everywhere and that essence was love! I was inside God’s presence and was filled with grace, coming from everywhere and from inside myself.  Being melted I felt unlimited love and I was love. I was the Universe and Love at the same time and vice versa. I awoke in awe. Amazed by this divine experience, I realized that we should bring love to life here on the Earth and I knew that it would change the world.  I realized that we should change the world outlook of people. When a young girl I “saw” invisible threads going from one human being to another, enormous numbers of threads that connected everybody with everybody and all things with each other. I sensed that we really were one. Now I knew from within myself that every human being was the entire Universe and love! This amazed me! Gods walk on the Earth; Universes walk on the Earth! How many people know about it?  I felt that there should be a way out from the unconscious and inhumane state of human beings. I realized that we need to help people to become aware of themselves. To awaken and liberate their senses, the inner initial knowledge, that lives inside! But HOW?

            I put a direct question to God: “What is my mission”? At night, I was awakened by a clear voice speaking from the right side of myself: “Theatre of New Time” An unusual feeling overwhelmed me, as I felt the wind of a new future on my skin.  I felt that the three words meant something quite special and new! I saw a cosmic stage with a panorama of evolution, where people find out their divine purpose to ennoble the world by love, presence and creativity. Deep inside me I felt that we should find ways to be in time and create a critical mass of conscious people to save Mother Earth from destruction where the consumption path led.  
In May 1991 I had a mysterious awakening experience. It always lives within me now. I saw a living Christ right before my face on the starry background inside me. I felt unlimited love, eternity and grace. I knew that I had been always safe and loved. I felt that life was full of meaning and that was faith, love and creativity. I knew the way to awaken and unite people by bringing back faith and love! This vision inspired me to express my high inner states and aspirations in paintings, songs, scenarios and poems. But I was longing for effective work for people to be awakened. 

            Beginning of a Divine Scenario. In summer 1996 I took part in three Arkaim – Bayan-Aul – Altai expeditions “produced from above” and conducted by Talgat Akbashev. Arkaim – an ancient round city at the south of the Ural Mountains in Russia, Bayan-Aul – sacred mountains within the Kazakhstan steppe, the place of the second ether race. Altai – the sacred healing place and the homeland of many peoples of the Earth, the place for the future.  I was among people from different parts of Russia who lived in nature like one nomadic family. They didn’t speak about love, but radiated love; they didn’t speak about health but silently made massages to each other. I was happy to see that everybody was heard in a sacred circle work. For the first time I saw people who lived in simplicity and harmony, feeling each other and learning to be aware of living connections with God. I touched Heaven on Earth.  I had my own sacred experiences too – a Golden Cross was coming from the Sun to Earth, a cup was coming down from heaven right into my hands and the music of spheres in the invisible cosmic temple.
            Standing hand in hand in a big peace circle under a blue sky of Arkaim, I felt with every cell of my body and my heart that it was the beginning of great preparation for a transition process so that people of Earth could turn their faces to their inner selves, prepare their bodies for new energies coming, reconnect with God by awakening souls and unite with each other and nature. I gave my word to myself to start the path of a wanderer to make it reality.

            Waves of New Life.  I left my paid job and started a new path of a wanderer.  Now after 17 years of non-stop pilgrimage work in Russia and the world, I realize that we have been working for preparing conditions for our planet to safely enter a new future by creating a peace nomad community spread in souls of people – a model of another world, totally absorbed from an old society.

            We have been traveling together with Talgat Akbashev to numerous cities, towns, villages and sacred places of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. I melted arrows shot at him in my heart, as people always had been doing with those who acted from the future for their wealth. The unusual thing for creating an effective way to make people awaken themselves as humane ones was a new “method”. It was a Waves of New Life one. During my wanderings I clarified for myself the essence of the wave idea and saw a brighter and brighter big picture of a new type community to show up. I witnessed from inside that the method was very simple – waves of coordinated events in time and space, bringing new vital energy of love to as many places as possible. Like every simple thing it was pure genius. Why waves?  Do you remember the way Heracles cleaned Augios stables? He created a stream that cleaned everything with it! A stream was needed to wash all many centuries old traditions of sufferings, beliefs, ignorance and stresses. It was necessary to awaken the initial divine essence within everybody. Waves of new energy like pure water in nature were needed to flow and change life all around. That’s why all events should be interconnected, interstreaming, interadding each other according to the principle of a living wave. Talgat was a huge catalyzer of these waves. My role was to also catalyze, to be present, to sing for bringing love and to present a growing joint big picture.  Planet 3000 was the symbol for all projects.

                  We started with waves of seminars and meetings. For 10 years (1996-2006) we lived in trains to be in the right places. All the seminars were conducted by teams. They took place in all kinds of shelters all over Russia with hundreds people from all “levels of society”. What was happening there? People lived together in a very simple and effective way.  They learnt to accept, to touch, to listen, to support and love each other. Stresses and artificial programs installed by consumption society into people were put off by simple body exercises, taken from observation of children. Inner peace was awakened by refocusing attention from the outer world to inner feelings. The essence was to awaken senses, inner knowledge about who a human being was in reality. Every human being as a part of the world contains the entire potential of the world – both matter and spirit. To say more, he is a source of love and harmony. A harmonious atmosphere was created so that everyone could unveil unconditional love and express it in cooperation and communication with other people. Every time positive visions of the future were created as joint projects for putting together dreams.  The results were teams of “like hearted” people and that’s why all their projects were realized with minimum material recourses as people exchanged and shared energy and creative capacities. Higher inner energy was awakened and higher inner responsibility for life was taken by people who became younger, happier because they realized their real life purpose – to serve others – children, parents, and elderly people to reconnect their essence – to be humane.

                  Then we realized that we should unite all different movements and include as many people as possible into the process of consciously creating positive visions of the future and create a critical mass needed for the successful transition process. The tool for this was a stream of coordinated annual events in 25 places all over Russia They were new happy events though named in a usual way as conferences, expeditions, festivals, forums. Every time when people came together there were presentations of Planet 3000 team activity in different places of Russia for all to feel that it was real and all people were embraced by a new energy of love, mutual support and co-creation with each other and nature. Every time a positive vision of a new peace future generated from within of peoples’ souls was co-created in harmony and cooperation. Then a newly born joint vision was used to be collectively presented by means of spontaneous arts. In that apogee, when the collective vision of the future was created, every time I felt that it was a living invisible stream of love pouring and spreading like circles on water. I saw with eyes of my heart that another, tender, humane reality was born and it was an output into a soul and body of a new future!

                  A basic event among hundreds of others was an international Education for World Citizens congress (Moscow, Samara, Turgoyak Lake – all in all eleven). This wave resulted in collectively creating a Declaration of Education of World Citizens as a theoretical basis of a practical collective experience of such an education in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Byelorussia.

“I sense that we have obtained much more inner power, the outlook has widened, and I am aware of deep processes of human civilization’s development” (Tatyana Mazurova, south of Russia) 
“I felt myself to be a part of a whole that makes the world better” (Zhanna An, Altai Republic)

      Novosibirsk has hosted twelve coordinating “Planet 3000: vision from Siberia” international meetings to see a growing picture of our joint collective activities on the way to a new world.
      We realized that if we want to include a new generation there should be waves of youth festivals of life creativity to be conducted in nature all over Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. Our special attention was paid to the Siberian safe places of the planet, as if prepared for the future. 
“We lived playing and found out how we can help our small motherland –
 Buryatia and Tunka Valley (Vera, 14 years old, Arshan village, Buryat Republiс).
 “I experienced another way of life that enriched me” (Marie Schneider, 16 years old, Switzerland)

      Baikal is a living sacred sea full of mysteries, a huge nature cup of purest water and thus information. In 1997 we started an annual Call of Baikal forum with our hike to the sacred Third Eye of the Planet place in Sayan Mountains. Since that fantastically unusual trip, we have conducted ten international Call of Baikal forums – youth camps, expeditions, conferences, seminars all over Baikal Lake – to create a ring of new vital energy around Baikal. Youth created their own Baikal School and prepared more then 200 young instructors of peace, health and content. They have been realizing their programs for helping grown ups and families all over Baikal – to become healthy and happy.
“I have obtained inner peace and reverence for life.
I am happy to come and don’t want to leave» (Alexander, 16 years old, Russia)
“We have become one international family” (Gonzales, 16 years old, USA).

Altai is a sacred place of the Earth where nature transforms people, and when people live together they awaken their true essence. Since 1996, we have created a stream of Altai-Planet expeditions, two Alai Sacred festivals, “Earth is a garden of peoples” expeditions for people of the world to feel their possible place at Altai in their own future. In 2007, we had a great experience – youth from Altai, Siberia, USA, and Israel created a joint vision of a model of an international peace community for children of the world to live together in cooperation and peace. They presented this vision in several languages at the Altai Republic culture festival. Children invite grown ups to support this project.

      A vision arose in my soul – from the depths of an old civilization a new world is being born.
In 2006 we took part in the Second Planetary Congress on biosphere rights in Brazil, organized by the Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation of the Law of Time. We realized that our wave activity was a part of united planetary work for creating a critical mass of new consciousness needed for the transition. While making Planet 3000 and Theatre of New Time presentations and translating Talgat’s speech, I realized that it took ten years of my non-stop trip, hundreds of seminars and streams of events in order to be penetrated, soaked with the essence, to become that of what I was speaking about!  Our mutual work that was multiplied because of putting together unique male and female roles allowed us to co-create together with the audience from 19 countries a new resonance of love.  I felt how this integrated energy of love poured all over the Earth. People united in spiritual aspiration to a new future!
                  Then Jose Arguelles and we decided to realize a “Crest 13” project devoted to creating a planetary network of self-sufficient Peace through Culture centers all over the world.  One of them - at Altai! Before leaving Brazil, when we were going by car from Alto-Paraiso, meaning literally, High Paradise, there were shining rose petals of light, streaming across all over Heaven from the two sides of the sky and coming together in the middle at the top. We felt that God had accepted our mission! Ten years of my work in the invisible cosmic temple was finished… Another wave arose.

            Planetary wave. I had total faith in God and conditions for visiting 16 countries during 17 years were created for me. It was for living soul connections with people of the world, bringing love and presence from Russia to the world, hosting people of the world in Siberia and creating a planetary team. During these years we have been creating a GONG 3000 planetary culture network;  we have found out that there are now synchronized processes for awakening people’s consciousness and souls happening all over the Earth.
            In India, we had a great experience of peace presence.  We were waiting for our bus to come. There was a crowd of people speaking very loudly in the square in Dharamsala. I wished with all my heart for the silence to arrive, so that people could feel what was really happening there... Suddenly Victor, one of our delegation, took up a guitar and we started singing a song from an Indian film. Several people joined us. Then people sang “Hare Krishna” and we joined them. The entire square was singing. And suddenly there was silence and all hearts melted together and we felt that we were one. This silence spoke about peace.
In August 2009 I visited an eco community in Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia and deeply felt that Vissarion and his team for 17 years have been fulfilling a mission to create a new eco noosphere settlement as a model of a new world. Thousands of people live as one family in nature connected by a common vision of the future, practical work sharing with each other the fruits of their creativity. I realized that we have been acting simultaneously and now we are all meant to integrate as one for creating a new world.

            On the 23rd of May 1997, in the Himalayas, we felt a Sacred Network of the Planet to be spread all over the Earth. Standing opposite the Mother of the World Mountain I envisioned that at Altai and all over the planet there should be an international peace communities’ network. Since 2009 ten New Earth expeditions have been conducted for creating an international peace village inside the Abode of Dawn Community founded by Vissarion, the Teacher, who manifested both  theory and practice - a new outlook and new ways of living as a foundation of a new world.  

Now it is time to create together a network of peace communities based on the harmony of individuals and in common for children of the world to live in love with each other, nature and the world. This interconnected network is “hands” holding a new Earth in balance and seeds of a new humanity. We also suggest creating a wave of “Earth is Our Common Home” events all over the Earth for creating a vision of a new future and practical steps to be taken to make it real. We suggest to all world citizens creating a network of Peace film studios, new TV, radio and arts to bring creative info to the world. Together in joint aspiration we can successfully make the “jump” over the abyss to a new future on Earth.  And further on to ennoble life on our planet and the Universe with love and creativity. I feel all of you there, in different parts of our planet and send love from Siberia.


Nina Goncharova – traveler, artist, poet, singer
Author of “Rainbow Earth: Vision from the Future” book
 with 39 peace activists from 15 countries,
Founder of Earth is Our Common Home planetary family; Author of “Theatre of New Time” and “Peace Community” projects; The “Earth is Our Common Home” project was awarded in Switzerland in 2010 by S.E.R. foundation / the UN as an outstanding international peace project.
She conducts expeditions at the sacred places of Siberia and the world –
 schools for harmonization.  President of the Siberian center for Eurasian projects;
Member of Global Harmony Association & Authors and Publicists International Association, Honorary Member of Life Metverse Muse Poetry Journal,
Honorary International Development Committee FOWPAL Member,
Member of International Association of Educators for World Peace Advisory Board.
Author of the forthcoming book «Divine Scenario: Awakening your True Path”



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