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Where we are going from our instability?

By Khaled Alnobani


Where we are going from our instability?

By Khaled Alnobani

I see that some countries pay a great amount of money on capturing images, sometimes for small objects, sometimes for distant objects, because it is economically and morally feasible. Is it not worth to test some new views of technology to reach, rather than to see knowledge? Is it possible to capture the image of the conscious if it lies somewhere else outside us? Our current knowledge imprisons us, whatever we do. It is not possible to reach the next galaxy within a valid time frame. I wrote my M.Sc. thesis about an equation of state, and I saw how much loosely it coordinates our knowledge.

We do not know energy. And entropy is nothing we can see; rather, it is calculated. I looked at what we don’t know rather than what we know. I looked to engines as a magical machine with the precise meaning of the word “magical”. Engines increase our problems and do not solve them. We must begin from within, the inside of our bodies, to see the distant.

Within entropy, frame of knowledge and energy are currently an undefined concept (except mine). We cannot know where we are going from unstable states. It is found in the derivation itself. An equilibrium stable state is nowhere we can find, beginning from an unstable state.

Small perturbations or variations in state can tell us if the system we encounter is stable or not, but it cannot tell us where we are going in terms of the next step.

Can we transfer this current fact (it might change in the future) to society. Unstable societies are not defined, and it is not known where they are going. How we can define unstable society if a dictator is leading and everything is going well with him, and small or even large perturbations do not change the state of stability. Stochastic variations do not have any effect.

What is the stability in these terms: countries, regimes, economies, societies? If we can reach a change, that leads to change the life of the involved personnel to the better, like democracy for example. Then we will have discovered something.

The problem here is that currently the changes come from outside the countries. Think of regimes or systems like Egypt and Iraq. There the foreign countries got involved in the political game happening inside and forced changes.

Back to a mirror image to science. Is it logical that it is not possible to know the next stable state except from outside interference?

This moral question needs an answer. Outside or inside?


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