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Vocal Interpretations honoring Mario Lanza from Guy Crequie

Vocalist - Guy Crequie (France)

Dear Bruce:

In thanks for your efforts to publish me in America, I offer to you like in America and all our friends these famous melodies American with my interpretation and .......... my French accent.

As you know, it I am an admiror of the American tenor of Italian origin Mario Lanza, the most beautiful voice of the 20TH century which immortalized the songs below

I hoped to interpret one of them on the perron of the Town Hall of Los Angeles as had promised to me the president of the congress CUPHI III which was held in July 2014 in this city, but the commitment was not respected like good of others!

Good listening.




Guy CREQUIE   = Be my love   = Because  = My destiny     = Because you' Re mines in new French version   = Ô Danny Servant Boy = interpretation way crooner which caused a female beachcomber  = ONE THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE in French version  = Serenade of Romberg  = Day Some  in French version


Religious Airs:  = I LL Walk With God  = The lord' S prayer





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