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A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness


By Tony Esezobor

Copyright August 2004 by Tony Esezobor



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Satan: Reports have reached me that there is

drought in the kingdom. Demons

are hungry. Do you want them to eat

my fingers?

Abaddon: Your highness. It’s blood money that

has lost its value. The blood of the

guilty is not as valuable as the blood

of the innocent. Your highness, you

know yourself how difficult it is to

spill innocent blood. We gain more

casualties than we gain blood.

Satan: I don't care. Even if you lose fifty

legion, spill more innocent blood and

get more unsaved souls. I don't have

to tell you what to do. If you have

casualties and you lose men, recruit

water agents and witches to donate

members of their unsuspecting

families for blood money. There has

to be food in my kingdom.

Abaddon: We beg your pardon your highness.

Satan: Beg yourselves. You’re weak and

senseless. You lack initiative and

you infuriate me with your

sluggishness. With all the resources

available to you, you can't maintain

constant supply of human parts and

products. What have you been

doing with the enforcement you

requested and got approval for?

Abaddon: I’ve been working closely with Mass

Destruction and he is designing

Weapons of Mass Destruction

(WMD). He has so far developed

atomic bombs, nuclear weapons and

lethal gas. He is only waiting to

spread the technology across the

globe, so everyone will have access

before action.

Your highness, you know we’ve only

applied two of them in Miroshima

and Mirak. You alone can give us

the power and order to use them. We

can't stand those God's angels who

are watching to ensure they remain


Satan: You talk nonsense too often. Just

listen to yourself (Satan mimicking),

"We can't stand those God's angels."

Just go ahead and use them. Don't

give silly and useless excuses. Let

me know your global situation


Abaddon: I’ve been working with Pride, Lust

and Violence to spread wars in most

of Acrifa, Satmerica and

particularly, in the Centreast.

Injustice and Poverty have been

doing a great work in Acrifa to

ensure that their leaders remain

insensitive to their subjects' well

b e i n g , t h e r e b y p r o v o k i n g


Satan: What about Notmerica and Euron?

You haven't done anything serious

since 1945. The succeeding cold

conflict between Notmerica and

Masia was a good strategy but died a

sudden death. You wasted my time

with what you claimed would end

the world and humanity.

Abaddon: Your highness, you too know that the

more developed continents are

better influenced into wars by Pride

and Greed. I’ve been working lately

with these Spirits using commerce

to cause conflict. Mirak is a good

bait. And of course, if there isn’t

peace in Centreast, there can't be

peace in Notmerica and Euron.

Satan: There you go again with your

strategy of rubbish. You’re

applying old known tricks again.

What came out of Miganistan? How

about Nebanon and Zietnam? You

waste my time and resources and yet

you claim wisdom.

Abaddon: Much of our focus has shifted to

Acrifa and Centreast since the end of

the cold conflict between

Northmerica and Masia. Your

highness can attest to the fact that

there have been wars, human

casualties, rapes, child abuse,

confusion and killings in those

places more than anywhere else on


Satan: So, how do you intend to


Abaddon: We’re trying to consolidate in

Westacrifa and Centacrifa. We’re

hoping to make it spread. Although,

we are having slight resistance from

those Christians, we reckon they

won't be able to withstand us for

much longer. We are consolidating

by causing them distraction through

their immediate and extended

families. We are also distracting

them with worldly cares and


As for Centreast, we’ve completely

consolidated. Intolerance,

Unforgiveness and Violence have

done their jobs well and have infact

built their Headquarters at Centreast,

so that extreme terrorism is fast

becoming commonplace.

Satan: You haven't pleased me yet. You

haven't realised that it is the head that

controls the body. If the head leads





the body to drown, the body will


Abaddon: I don’t pretend not to understand you

your highness. I get your meaning.

We’ve made sure that Acrifa as a

whole is governed by bad leaders.

We’ve not only given them bad

leaders, we blind the leaders to the

pains of the people and we make

them live in false worlds by building

beautiful mansions and fortresses

and by ensuring that they surround

themselves with sycophants. Their

policies have remained largely antipeople.

Satan: Have you noticed that a few Acrifan

leaders are spearheading peace

moves? You ought to have nailed

them since.

Abaddon: Yes, your highness. We’re working

to cause dissatisfaction and tribal

conflicts within their territories.

Once we cause division, there is

bound to be conflict and the leaders

will have no choice but to mind their

internal problems.

Satan: But the leaders appear undaunted.

Abaddon: I know Nairarise is one of them. The

Christians in that region are very

stubborn. Their leader is an

acclaimed born again. This hasn't

made things easy at all. As for the

Christians, they are praying more for

their leaders who have consequently

evolved less self-centred subregional

policies in order to help

their sub-regions out of conflict.

Satan: Have you considered exploring

religion as a Weapon of Internal

Distraction (WID)?

Abaddon: Things have been quiet for now.

You can't apply religion too often. If

you do, security within religious

enclaves will never relax and we’ll

lose that strategy forever. But we

are making sure the leaders of

religion-sensitive areas make





promises they don’t keep.

Promises of normalcy and peace.

Once security is relaxed and we see

it so, we strike. It’s easy to do. We

strike a little match in form of a

rumour and a thousand people die in

one fell swoop.

Satan: I’m not satisfied with armed

robbery, violence, assassinations

and murder situations generally.

Cause those stupid people to go,

steal, destroy and kill. I’m with

them always.

Abaddon: We must weaken the police to do

that. Besides, we’re trying to

infiltrate the police with more bad

eggs in order to create the necessary

openings. We’re also redoubling

efforts to maintain the chain of hired

assassinations. The new approach is

to enlist known ex-armed robbers in

the Police Force.

Satan: You know that Acrifa is endowed

with human and mineral resources.

The magnitude is not known

anywhere else in the world. Ensure

there is uneven distribution of the

resources. Incite division amongst

them so they don't get together in

unity and rise up to eradicate


Abaddon: Intolerance and Illiteracy have

relocated to regions where you have

mineral resources. I suggest that

Wickedness should reposition most

of her spirits to major cities and state

capitals, while I leave the more

violent Spirits to invade the

hinterlands and coastlines.

Satan: What have you done so far with the

local chiefs?

Abaddon: They’ve been taken care of by

Greed, Self-centredness and Love

of Money. These three demons

need no re-enforcement; they’re

maintaining their hold on the

traditional rulers. We’re making

sure the rulers lose control of their

youths and by extension their






Satan: There’s been relative calm in most

capital cities of Acrifa. Move

Contention and his spirits to

distabilise the countries. You

haven't done much in this area. You

remember there isn't much time left.

This generation must be wasted.

Abaddon: We’re really wasting lives. There’s

an average of one hundred and

seventy-five million pregnancies

annually, and globally. Of the one

hundred and seventy-five million,

we achieve fifteen percent infant

mortality rate. We are increasing the

figure to twenty five percent in six

months. Also, there are currently

seventy-five million abortions

yearly on the earth. We’re looking

to increase it to hundred million by

the end of the year. Abortion was

one of the spirits you approved for

my team at the last meeting. He’ll

assist in this challenge. Immorality

has Fornication and Adultery

working in his team and they are a

deadly trio. Presently, they ensure

that zero point five billion illicit

relationships get consummated

every Saturday night across the

earth. The result of which is at least

ninety million conceptions,

resulting in seventy-five million


Satan: How many medical prisoners do we

have working to perpetrate this?

Abaddon: We have one point two million

doctor agents working unwittingly

with us to perform abortions

worldwide. This is our easiest

source of innocent blood supply, but

it is limited.

Satan: Yes, we have limited supply, so you

know it? We can't depend on just

seventy-five million abortions to

maintain more than one-third of

what used to be God's angels.

You've failed in sin and iniquity

engineering. You must increase

promiscuity. Enter the hearts of

young men and women, do





something promising. Get

Immorality to work round the clock

and round the globe with

Fornication and Adultery. Make

sure they overrun everywhere there

is human life.

Abaddon: We’re looking into schools and

universities to draw more blood and

to capture unsaved souls through

two major means, namely,

(i) Abortion

(ii) Cultism, gangsterism and

ritual killings.

Some of the students we can't

influence into immorality, we allow

Pride and Rage to work closely

with, and to ensure they are

i n f l u e n c e d i n t o c u l t i s m .

Unforgiveness and Vengeance are

having a party on the students. Just

that there are only a few organised

cults within the universities. We’ve

introduced cultism into secondary

schools also. The problem we’re

having yet is that the angels of God,

namely Morality and Godly fear, are

stationed in most secondary

schools. When the students dismiss

school, we enjoy little respite but it

doesn't last too long as the Angels

end up waiting for them at home.

They have a way of helping parents

to instill godly fear in their children.

There’s hope though. With

Modernity and his cohorts, we can

move ahead. I’ve briefed Laisser-

Faire not to only focus his attention

on the more developed world and on

political matters, but to also move

Parental-Compromise and Post-

Modernism into homes in the less

developed continents, thereby

weakening matrimonial control over


J u v e n i l e D e l i n q u e n c y i s

experimenting quite a number of

things with the children. For

instance, he has done a lot to see that

vices perpetrated by adults are





achieved with children. To make

this possible, we’ve been working

together to design ways of

accomplishing our aim through

television and games. This is a very

effective medium. Laziness and

Carelessness have taken care of most

parents. They don't understand that

their children know deeper things

than they know. You can’t also

imagine what success we’ve had so

far with the internet technology.

Pornography has captured most

children; they’re under our control

and have learnt from the internet, as

much as their parents may never

know until they die. There isn't any

practical way of rescuing these

children; they’re our captives.

Parents have failed. But we shan't


To measure the success of Affliction

as it concerns sickness for instance,

you only need to look at the

population of patients in hospitals

worldwide. In much the same way

your highness, to measure our

success in child crime and child

moral breakdown; just look at how

many juvenile prisons there are

worldwide and check out their

population. Also take a look at

street violence and the number of

kids involved.

As for cultists, they’ve been given

more reasons to kill their rivals.

Only, I must admit, there aren't as

many cults on the earth. We’re

hoping to spread and increase cults

that promote direct Satan worship

within the universities. When this is

done, we’ll ensure that a number of

students and lecturers are sacrificed

as worship to your highness every

quarter. The aim is to serialize and

maintain killings at least four

seasons in a year. And if we can get

the cults to spread to all the

universities, whoa! Then we'll have

quarterly feasts.

Satan: Give me a paper on this initiative and

send it to me by evil-mail. You





appear to be innovative but you

annoy me with poor executions.

Abaddon: Your highness, you should

personally commend our colleagues

working in the clinics and hospitals,

who are assisting us to achieve our

goals. We’ve encouraged more of

the human agents working with us to

study medicine and nursing. A good

number have done so and are either

working for clinics, hospitals or

maternities or have established theirs

and contributing their own quota to

the Central Blood Bank (CBB).

They’ve demanded that we

introduce the incentive of promoting

them in rank within the Kingdom as a

spur to increasing their quota. Some

would like to be financially wealthy.

Yet others want us to afflict their

enemies, so that they‘d be sent to

colleagues' clinics and hospitals that

would give them access to inject

them to death.


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