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John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 2

        CHAPTER 2

         Teacher Steve wrote the topic on the board and asked the pupils. "What is child trafficking?

The pupils were confused. They haven't heard of such a word. Emeka was particularly confused, he could only pick out the word” child” but the combination became very difficult for him to comprehend.

Teacher Steve went on to explain that child trafficking is the illegal trading in children, the exploitation of children, and their enslavement; it also entailed the harming of children in a physical, sexual and emotional way. Teacher Steve told them, that there were many children from Niger republic, Benin, and Togo, to mention a few who were victims of child trafficking and abuse working like a slave in Nigeria.

He told them a story of how one of his cousins was found in Accra the capital of Ghana working as a miner.

Some of the pupils asked question;

"How do they acquire the children?" said Emeka.

"Some of these children were kidnapped, others were sold by their parent" said teacher Steve.

"But sir, how can a mother sell her children?" said John confused.

"It may be due to hunger; sometimes it is cause by the desire to get rich at all cost."

"But, what happens to these children after they are sold?" asked Alli.

 "They end up in labour camps, some became prostitute and some die mysteriously."

"Have any of the perpetrators been caught lately?" asked Tade.

"Some were caught, but others operated underground, it is so painful." said teacher Steve.

The class ended.  The pupils were confused. Emeka wondered how a mother could sell her own child. John was particularly mad about people who bought these children and used them as workers in their factories, mines and houses. The children were particularly worried about the condition of those children that were rescued. When John got home, the topic teacher Steve taught them continued to disturb him; he couldn't wait for his parent to return from work. He was desperate to ask his dad some questions. John asked his father many questions.

"Dad, so there are a lot of children traffickers out there." said John. 

"How did you know John?" said Mr. Peter curiously.

"Teacher Steve taught us the topic today, it is so evil."

"Very bad, there are many out there, that is why you must be careful." 

"What is the government doing to curb this social evil dad?"

"The government has put machinery in motion to stem the tide of child trafficking."

"But dad, the government is not doing enough to stop this ugly business."

"What do you want the government to do John?"

"A lot, government should give money to the suffering parent of these children."

"But the government are trying their best, may be it is not enough."

"Dad, we are trying to raise money for these children."

"How, but you don't have a job." said his dad.

"We will find a way of raising the money."

"Hope you are not going on a begging spree?"

"No, dad, we will find a way of raising the money."

"Be careful John and don't do anything, that’s silly."

Continued ...

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