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John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 3

        CHAPTER 3

         The break time bell was rung. John, Tade, Emeka and Alli gathered together under a mango tree and discussed how they would raise money to help those children that were rescued from the children trafficker, the topic really touched them.

Emeka volunteered to contribute five hundred naira, Tade promised two hundred and Alli also promised, although they didn't inform teacher Steve. They wanted to surprise him. The children agreed to meet at John’s house on Saturday and arranged how they were going to give the money to teacher Steve who would help them to transfer it to those children that were rescued from the children traffickers. The closing bell was soon rung and the student rushed to the waiting bus.

John wanted to raise more money, though he had five hundred naira given to him by Auntie Abigail, his dad sister when she visited them on Monday.

John got out of the bus and was surprise to see Alli coming behind him. Alli quickly rushed to his side and said he wanted to tell him something. John was very surprised.

"John we can make more money.” said Alli in deep confidence.

"How can we make more money, when we don't have a job." said John surprised.

"Uncle Junaid can secure a job for us on Friday, we can earn up to five hundred naira each."

"Who is Uncle Junaid?"

"He is my uncle, a close relation of my father, he had a supermarket, he also engages in other business."

“What are we going to do for him?”  Said John. 

"Helping him to sell of course."

"When are we going to see him?"

"When we close on Friday."

John waved Alli bye and they left for their various houses. On Friday morning, John wore short knickers under his school uniform. John rushed to the waiting bus, he was so happy, Alli soon joined the bus, and they discussed about when they were going to leave the school for the work.

When the break time bell was rung, the four boys went under the mango tree. John told them about the work, he encouraged others to join.

"I didn't tell my father." said Emeka

"I can't go." said Tade.

After much persuasion, the others refused to go but John was so desperate to earn more money.


Continued ...

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