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John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 4

                        CHAPTER 4

             The closing bell was rung, John and Alli waved to their friend, they could not follow the school bus because they where going to see Alli uncle. Time was getting to 1.20 pm on Friday afternoon, the sun was shining and the students were coming out of the school like a shred ram.
John and Alli took a bus to Itafaji roundabout; they saw a tall building and Alli smile.

"That is my uncle’s supermarket, but he also has his office on the fifth floor." said Alli.

"Are we going to meet him in the office?" said John curiously.

"He will be in his office."

"Let's go inside"

They met a receptionist, who phoned Mr. Junaid, later the receptionist told them to follow her, and they were happy.

Mr. Junaid office was very spacious, containing a large table, a desk, a computer and a telephone and wine cabinet. Mr. Junaid wore a golden spectacle. He wore a white shirt; he particularly looked like a white robed Moslem salaaming in the afternoon. He was tall and had a moustache, he was not fat, and he was fifty years old.

He was busy perusing the newspaper when the boys were ushered into his office. He raised his head and he ordered the receptionist outside. When he raised his head, he was surprised to see Alli.

"Alli I am so surprise to see you.” Said Mr. Junaid confused.

"Uncle I came to see you." said Alli nervously.

"Did my brother send you to me?"

"No uncle I came on my own."

"Who is this young man?" said Mr. Junaid removing his spectacles. 

"He is my classmate, his name is John."

"John it's nice to meet you."

"Thank you sir." said John sitting down.

"Alli, what brought you here?"

“We need a job sir."

"What type of job?" said Mr. Junaid resting his back on the chair.

"A job that will fetch us good money." interjected John.

"Alright, I will get you a job." said uncle Junaid.
The two boys smile and exchanged glances.

"You will come back tomorrow morning around nine."

"Nine will be okay sir."

"Your job’ll be waiting for you."

"Thank you uncle."

"Goodbye and take care."

He waved the two boys outside. Minute later he was busy making a phone call to madam Patricia.

Continued ...

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