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John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 5

                       CHAPTER 5   

            Madam Patricia was a light buxom woman, she is large in an attractive way, she is also very tall, she is forty-five years old, and she had a lot of business. She is popularly called chairwoman, chief among her numerous business is child trafficking.
She bought children, sometimes she uses them in her factory, some she turns to prostitute in her hotel, and some end up as houseboy and house girl. Some end up as victim of rituals.
Madam Patricia profited greatly from this unscrupulous business, she was known in the society as cash madam. She has over one thousand, two hundred men and women under her command. These people Smuggle children from different countries to Nigeria.
Madam Patricia looked relaxed and totally in command of herself, for the first in years, she felt in command of her life, all her life she has been busy it was as if people where living her life for her.  She looked at the wall clock, time was getting to four in the afternoon, just as she was about leaving the office, the phone rang.
"Hello, how can I help you?" said Madam Patricia picking the phone.
"Hello madam, this is Junaid calling from Junaid and son enterprise."
"How can I help you?" said madam breaking her rule of not talking to strangers.
"I have a business for you madam."
"A business for me?"
"Yes madam, a lucrative business."
"What type of business?"
"Can I get in touch with you madam."
"Yes, did you know the way to my office?"
"Yes madam, I’ll find my way." said Junaid.
He arranged his office and left. It took him thirty minute to locate madam office building. He parked his car in the parking lot. Time was getting to five in the evening before he knocked at Madam Patricia’s office door.
Madam Patricia told him to come inside. He drew a chair and sat down. Madam Patricia was smoking a cigarette close to a filter, she extinguished it, and the smoke drew a circle on the ceiling.
"You said you have a business for Me." said Madam Patricia.
"Yes madam, I have a business for you."
"Can we see it?" said Madam Patricia as she lit another cigarette.
"Madam, I have two children that I want to sell."
"How much will they cost?" said madam Patricia in confidence.
"Give me two hundred thousand naira, they are all yours forever." said Junaid, his excitement growing.
"The amount is too outrageous, I will give you one hundred thousand naira, leave it or take It..” she said standing up.
"Your wish is my command."
"When will I be expecting them?” said Madam Patricia standing up.
"Tomorrow morning unfailingly." said Mr.Junaid shaking her head.
"Your cheque will be waiting for you." said Madam Patricia as she left the office.
Mr.Junaid could not believe his luck, just two children fetch him one hundred thousand naira.He felt sorry for the boys, but he had no regret, he entered his car and drove off in a great deal of speed.

Continued ..

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