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Literature Discussion -


John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 6

                       CHAPTER 6

               Alli came to John’s house in the early hours of the morning on Saturday. John didn't inform his parent that he was going to work somewhere; he only told them that he was visiting Auntie Mairo.
The children had no premonition of what awaited them, time was getting to 10:00 am, when the two left for uncle Junaid office, on their way they met a woman selling banana, they bought a bunch of banana, and they quickly took a bus to uncle Junaid office.
Mr. Junaid ushered them into his office.
"Good morning uncle Junaid."
"Good morning, my children sit down."
"Uncle, we came for the work."
“I didn't tell you yesterday, there is no work in my office, but I’ll take you to my friend office, she needs workers urgently."
"Are we going to board a bus?" said John curiously.
"No, I will take you there in my car, let go."
They left the office; uncle Junaid was phoning inside the car as he was driving, the children did not heard what he was saying.
Minute later, they were ushered into Madam Patricia office, she told them to sit down, she looked at the two boys and she seemed so delighted, then she turned to Mr. Junaid.
"They are good, well fed, and okay I will take them." said Madam Patricia as she lit a cigarette.
"I told you, I never disappoint." said Junaid.
The children had no inkling of what was going on, madam Patricia was a chain smoker and come to think of it, they had never seen a woman smoking in their life. Madam Patricia introduced herself. John was confused, he didn't know the type of work they came to do, Alli was just smiling.
"Take your one hundred thousand naira cheques." said Madam Patricia handing over the cheque to uncle Junaid.
"Thank, you madam, I really appreciate.” uncle Junaid said.
Mr. Junaid rubbed the children head and told them to be good. He shook their hand and wishes them good luck, the children were suspicious but still they did not know the type of work they came to do, Mr. Junaid went out of the office.

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