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Literature Discussion -


John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 8

                    Inside of the factory was odoriferous, the odor of chemical mixed with humans. The children were breaking used battery, turning them into powder by grinding and pouring a chemical on them to mix it up. John compares them to restless ants.
John worked very hard, he tried to communicate but he met a brick wall, but at last he found a friend in Tope. Tope was just a ten years old boy; he was kidnapped in front of his parent house last year by their neighbor who sold him for less than fifty thousand naira. John confided in him how desperately he wanted to escape.
"You can't escape from here, a boy tried it last year, he was bitten by the big dog and two days later, he died in a mysterious circumstances." said Tope in a sotto voce.
"What about the gate can't one run out of it?" said John.
"The gate is always closed; hardly do they open it, except if the madam is around."
"I will find a way of getting out of here, my parent are waiting for me." said John.
"It is only God that can bring you out, you have just spent seven days and you are complaining.”
"I can't stay here Tope; it is dirty, full of work and my God!”
“I have spent more than a year here; it is only God that can help us."
"Tomorrow, I must work out a plan.”
"I pray it works, but I begged you, don't make attempt to pass through the gate it is dangerous." said Tope pleading.
Alli has grown leaner and weaker, he was also limping, he could not eat the partially cookedfood, they ate rice and watery soup in the morning, and every night they ate yam porridge.
Sunday is their resting day; on Sunday they have some measureof freedom. On Sunday morning John survey the whole compound, he had only three days left for him to escape, he checked the gate, the guard was holding a big Alsatian dog, the dog eyes terrifies john.
 John couldn't make out his escape route, he figured out the fence, but they were tall and smooth, and it would take spider man three days to climb it. He was still contemplating what to do, when the bell was rung.
John couldn’t' sleep, he stayed awake all night thinking of a way out. The thought of the big Alsatian biting him made him cringe.


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