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Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Fourteen



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DeBaptise wakes in the morning with blurry images reeling in his head; that  of a bandana headed girl, hands frantically rising to hide her face, from what seems to be encroaching tragedy, an even blurrier imagine of a someone, someone male, athletic and blond who, just by inches, missed being struck his car.



DeBaptise is in the Student Affairs office. He is more pleasant than usual as he tries to ensure a reluctant staff member that his wanting to obtain basic stats on Braxton Rashce is not something requiring or even worthy of a search warrant. He also eases her fears by suggesting that it just minor, a possible traffic, incursion that he is attempting to address.
He is able to obtain basic information of Braxton including his address.

The Seminary Student have it nice, only two men to dorm room. This will make his unofficial snooping all the more easier, DeBaptise reasons, to himself.


Athletic Field:  Time: Early Morning

DeBaptise is out with the youth group, he is fielding questions as to why he has binoculars. From the track and field area he has a good view of Braxton and Jared’s Dorm Room. On Saturdays, the professor joins the boys in various athletic pursuits before taking them up to the house for assignments. It seems that this is once again Braxton’s session in the fencing room as noted by Braxton’s dress. Jared is in a jogging suit and it appears that he is going to do some laps. DeBaptise takes this opportunity to lower his cholesterol.

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