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Literature Discussion -


Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Twenty-Two



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DeBaptise recounts the strange marking found on Esmele’s body. He tells him about the research he conducted at the library and his experiments at home. He tells him about the seemly missing dagger and finally he produces the lifted dagger. Jared is a little angered.

He questions the ethics of the detective. DeBaptise tries to explain how every life, no matter what there social status is due justice when such a horrible crime has been committed and that sometime you have to reach outside the realms of justice to obtain such. He asks if Jared can get him into the basement without the Professor’s knowledge.

He just wants to have a look around, return the dagger and hopefully put his concerns to rest. Jared agrees. Once again Jared has been entrusted to keys. However in case the Professor is home or Braxton is on the premises, Jared suggest that DeBaptise waits around the far side of the mansion. There is a real cellar door that is rarely used. The access happens to be barricaded presently with tables and such. It will take him awhile to clear it. The two men drive off into the direction of the Professor’s mansion.


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