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Literature Discussion -


Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Twenty-Five



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Jared crumples to the floor. The professor rushes over. He embraces Jared. They both sit on the floor. The professor gently strokes Jared’s hair in such a way almost invoking allusions to homoeroticism. He whispers, kindly things to Jared in his attempts to comfort him. “God’s plans for him” and” God’s will” and, the likes (mostly inaudible to the audience). He even hums, as if to a child, lightly whispers of spiritual songs to the broken-down boy. 

The professor, completely distracted by Jared’s breakdown, has not noticed that DeBaptise has been able to wrestle his from the restraints holding his hands. He however, remains in the seemingly secured position.


Jared recounts the events as a narrative as we watch through flashbacks.

“I’ve never had a girl before. know. But, Mele, was special. She was my girl. She was mine.

via flashback: we travel back to the bus shelter incident. Braxton is hovering around Esmele like a copter at a crime scene. He is trying his best lines to woo the girl. All his attempts fall flat.

“You know Braxton is a winner. He had a lot of girls you”

Finally and in desperation, he bends over and whispers something in her ear. By her reaction we must assume that it is both out of line yet amusing. She takes the half hearted swing at Bratxon which sends him out in the street into oncoming traffic. Once the almost accident is avoided, Esmele succumbs to a case of the giggles. But as she regains her composure, she turns towards Jared and blows him a kiss.
But Mele was mine, I won her heart.. 

(trying also to effect a calming tone)

Jared,..Jared, I don’t.., think… Jared, you didn’t kill her. If she had died from suffocation the autopsy would have revealed____________________lungs_______________.

That’s not how she died.


Continued next week...


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