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Literature Discussion -


Stephen Agboratang Makes his Dream

Chapter Four

By Ndim Bernard Ngouche (Cameroon)


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 Chapter four (Senior Secondary School)

From form four to five, students were so concerned with the subjects that they had chosen in form three so as to be able to register them at their final examination.  Students were equally called upon to drop off courses that were like over luggage to them. That was not the case of Stephen and John who were determined beyond measure to excel as they have always done.
  It was another moment for the principal to set the goals of the term and that of the academic year. In his usual style he had this to say “My dear students especially those who have just begun this long journey of fate, it is going to be a tough battle if you are lazy and unwilling to saddle your responsibility. For those who know why they are here and what they want to achieve, we shall work with them so that their dreams are attainable. Those whose desires are to be street boys then you shall be thrown out as chaff after the finest grain had being sieved. Discipline here is our watch word and we shall not tolerate any kind of rubbish from any student even if that student is my son/daughter”  That tone was a re-sounding warning to all the students for usually the first term is the longest and busiest term of the School almanac.
                     Their teachers so itchy to teach began by pouring notes like water falling from a cascade so as to meet their expected end. It is a class that has work and work as their preamble for some of the students may be willing to write their London General Certificate of Education.  Stephen Agboratang and John Peters know their target and therefore are as serious as it takes. In order to put their brains to test, past questions are grappled with all in an attempt to see if they are on the right track. This is supervised by his brother Sylvanus Quinoso so that his teachers can assist them. After being a month in School, the first sequence test is given with the duo making all their papers with wonderful grades. This does not beat people’s imagination for the results were no surprise. The second and third sequences were the same as well as the first term examination.  The first term holiday or Christmas holiday is at hand once more. As usual Christmas fiesta is a big event to students and pupils because it gives them the opportunity to have presents based on their performance in school. It is a moment of reflection for those with goals and dreams.  After all the fiesta it was now time enough to begin to prepare for another School term about to begin in four days’ time.
                            The second term resumed in a haze and aspirations were rife for to all the students who were not studious in the last term. The principal in his term resumption address welcomed all the students with these words “It has never been more urgent than now for all students to kill distractions and other trivial matters so as to obtain with delight their main stay in this Prestigious College aimed at bringing out the best of its students. Calling for very strong discipline and commitment, he cautioned all the students that he will not fail to use his vested authority to call to order any ruffian by dismissing her/her without any waste  of time” The term usually very short began with the spraying of notes by teachers as if they were bullets from a cannon. It was fanfare to those who were hard working and serious for they knew they could only improve their results to become much better and more performant. After being in college for one month, the first sequence tests were given and students performed very much better and impressed both teachers and the administration. The Principal grinned from ear to ear because his speech had started delivering its results. However other students only worked to improve rather than challenge or even threaten Stephen and John Peters’ position; which remains unbeatable. The two friends were unbeatable and so purposefully organized in their commitment and life’s dreams. The other sequential results and term exams were constant with the duo having the following results: Stephen Agboratang 18.05/20 and John Peters 17.05/20.  It was now time for holidays and it was as usual joy without measure for Stephen and Sylvanus Quinoso who saw Stephen as the star in the making. He promised Stephen all his support at all moments of his life and dream. The holidays were used by Stephen and John to clean around their compounds and yards and then some communal work. The three weeks were used purposefully understanding that they were both candidates for General Certificate Examination ordinary level session. It was now time for the third term and last for them since they were writing with form five students. The third term was the most crucial as their principal stated “Here we are at the thresh hold of closing the school year. It has not been a smooth ride for some as much as they would have loved. A majority were  above par and to them we give our heart praises. We are once more called to show proof of your hard work and give the school the name you have always given it. Thanks for your great improvements and thanks for all your wonderful love. It gives me the pleasure of being a teacher when I look at all your conceited efforts in making your parents proud and most especially Stephen Agboratang who has proven that being an orphan was never any barrier attending the potentials that are inherent and only need a stimulant to spring alive. Stephen Agboratang showed us that here he found that stimulant and got spurred by the stiff competition he met here”
                             Stephen and John though were preparing for the General Certificate of Education equally took part in their class assessments were now poised to use the class examinations plus other G.C.E based questions to sprint at the term’s examination and the expected G. C.E.  After a month their results in the first sequence examination with scores 18.65/20 and 17.4 showed that they were ready for a kill. After scoring so high and stamping their names on the history hall of fame of their class., they could only smile as they were gearing to compete with the form five students and other students all over the national territory.    The rest of the sequential tests and term examinations remained the same. As most of his mates who were not writing were vacating, he awaited his turn to show his ability in the General Certificate Examination.       
                            Stephen Agboratang and John Peters both registered ten papers for their final examination and were the touch bearers of their batch and path finders for the rest of the students. This was because no student before them had been granted this express will to sit with form five students by the School authority. Their examinations rolled on for three weeks and wrapped off leaving the students awaiting results with so much anxiety. In August the bomb got detonated and their school scored their usual one hundred percent (100%) with Stephen Agboratang obtaining 9papers all ( A’s) while his friend and Brother John Peters obtaining Seven papers all (A’s) It was breaking news and all were glad most especially his head teacher Clarkson Thomas.  The long vacation was all joyful and Stephen played the best of football that summer holiday. He had rubbed shoulders with his seniors and made them delighted for his talents and brain. It was also a moment for him to show appreciation to all who supported him especially Quinoso Sylvanus who became a father like figure for him and his brothers. For his extra ordinary performances a grand party was organized by Sylvanus Quinoso without Stephen Agboratang’s knowledge so as to make it a surprise gift. He bought an Italian suite for him and a good Italian pair of shoe to match. It was a good suite for a great party like his success party. Four shirts of purple, stripped white, Yellow and brown were bought and a tie so as to make him so distinguished on his day of Joy. Stephen is called in for the surprise and meets invited guest seated and the microphone given to him to address his guest as host and graduating student. He had this to say “Success is so sweet and I am happy and humbled to have you in our home to share in this great event. I learned of your intention to come for this party a few hours before it was to hold and got exited for sharing my success with others have always been my own way of showing appreciation at this moment of jubilation. This event makes my parents smile wherever they may be at this moment. To you all once more I say welcome. Thanks for coming and please enjoy yourselves with all that you can have into your plates”


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