How to Feel Good

By George Chun Fat

Revised July 10, 2004

Copyright 2004 George Chun Fat

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Table of Contents





Chapter 1  Good Feelings


You truth feel good feelings since inception.


You desire good feelings since birth.


You believe the possibility of good feelings since baby.


Any significances you truthfully accept as worthy truths feel good with.  Feel good about any acceptable moments of your feelings such as relaxation, or tranquility, or socialization, or thinking positive, or vitality from foods, or good beliefs, or real emotions that you like, or your practiced confidence, or your valued knowledge, or your true accomplishments of life mechanics—Feel good with positive emotions and vibrant beliefs of those positive emotions and accepted personal significances that you appreciate and actually experience of liked good feelings. 


Good feelings are simple health, relaxed emotions, good food, liked times of day to day living, good friends, positive thoughts, vices, useful life mechanics.


Do something for desiring good feelings such as emotional anima or wishful thinking or daydreamed expectations or estimated possibilities or hopeful significances.


Use the possibilities of existence for living something you want that you could try to do.  Also, try the benefit from the good of others.


Use your possibilities of hopeful thinking to behave for some good possibility that you could benefit with.  Feel good if you do because you did your hopeful thinking.  Practice some thoughts of good possibilities.  Practice some thoughts of utilized feelings for living.  Practice some thoughts of doing some healthiness of possibilities you think of.  Feel your times you practiced as good feelings.  Reapply your utilized good feelings to yourself regularly.  Feel some reimmunization at any time you need it by tranquilizing and resting and calming and deep breathing and warming your vitality and ordering with regularity your vibrancy and deep sleeping and practiced tolerance, fortitude, disciplined emotion and reaction, and social coordination and strength and consideration.


Feel Good truly of any goods of anyone and only be good to them.  Realize the good feelings of others want that you respect their good feelings all their existence.  Only good feelings use for your behavior for anyone…ONLY GOOD FEELINGS!  Try to feel good with others and never do bad feelings to anyone.  Do not use envy or jealousy or hatred or spite to control your feelings or behavior because such emotions aren’t good feelings.  Bad feelings to anyone are a sin and hurt tragically almost anyone.  Do not use immature or irresponsible feelings because they disturb the good feelings of others and that is also a sin that feels wasteful to those good.  Simply, no one wants you to be bad to them.  The bad actions of your bad feelings to the good is uselessness with the good.  They won’t give you goods that you’ll never feel as someone bad.


Good feelings do.


Good feelings use for hopeful beliefs.  Do feelings of regular vital beliefs.


Good feelings are the basis for good thoughts.



Chapter 2  Good Thoughts


Good thoughts are for being or doing your personal values.


Good thoughts are for feeling and thinking the truths you live.


Good thoughts are the significances of reality determinants that you exist of.


Good thoughts are the personal truths that your soul and spirit are functioning as life.


Good thoughts are that that others think of your good socialization.


Good thoughts that you use of being or doing, you appreciate good and value.


Believe that good feelings and good thoughts are the most important desire of your personal values and wants.


Think foremost health of emotion and body.  Live any thoughts that you’ve considered real and good significances of the human condition.  Think of immunity strengths of emotion and body.  Feel good thoughts with practiced immunities.  Think good beliefs of society.  Good thoughts are thought as good.


Think thoughts for goodness.


Thoughts use for positive.


Be thoughtful.

You got thoughts of some vitality, some utility, some truth that is, some learning of human knowledge known, some actions for living, some various imagination considerations, thoughts of reality, thoughts of others, thoughts of needs, thoughts of hope, thoughts of right and wrong, thoughts of vibrancy, thoughts of true behavioral meaning, thoughts of various order, thoughts of various complexity, thoughts good or bad, thoughts liked or disliked, thoughts positive or not, thoughts healthy or not, thoughts useful or useless, thoughts with various realness and thoughts you think.


Thoughts feel good significances when healthy.



Chapter 3 Good Significances








The significances of useful, acceptable, liked, beneficial, revitalized,  good feelings, truths utilized, emotions appreciated, values for real moments, any health, any vitality, any anima, any relaxation--gives good thoughts.


Good significances do exist as pure good.  Such pure goods are the most respectable singnificances of good.  Live pure good significances.


Others want good truly.  Truly anyone you know of, does truly desire good truly.  Truly good is that that is the feelings of pure goodness.  Live and let live.


Accept those that tell you to be good to them ONLY.  You ask, why should I?  Because such significances of good truly function reality determinants.  Functioned reality determinants are significant for anyone—really more significant than your immature resentment.  Live and let live.


Good significances are existent as the possibility of your good behavior.


Do you ask others to teach you good significances of theirs?  Ask them.


The good significances of practice:  Use the emotion or thought of trying to calm your emotional health regularly and at the end of every day.  Use the emotion or thought of trying to practice some good life mechanic for healthy living.  Practicing good behavior for living is better for you.


The good significances of discipline:  Use the attitude of “the good significances of practice” regularly for healthier living.


The good significances of honesty:  You truly want emotional health and good behavior of your emotions, feelings, and attitudes for truly healthier living.


The good significances of respect:  You could ask for and also treat anyone with healthy significances of attitude, emotion, feeling, and living.


The good significances of civility:  Use simple respect for the good possibilities of society.


The good significances of acceptance instead of envy:  Accept your attitudes for “the good significances of practice”.


The good significances of values instead of jealousy:  Practice the good feelings of Life and Living.


The good significances of letting anyone live their goods:  You truly could enjoy someone good to you.


The good significances of the goods anyone gives you:  Someone that considers your good needs could truly be generous.


The good significances of respect of anyone good:  Respecting good is truly a value for happiness.


The good significances of respect of anyone’s good values:  You acceptance of others values is truly attitude, emotion, feeling, living health.


The good significances of respect of very good citizens:  they are the people that truly try to maintain good and livable attitudes, emotions, feelings, and health.



Chapter 4  Good Being


Good being is truly intrinsic to your values of your reality-determinant-determined personality.  Existence created you from good.


Accept the reality and vitality that good is valued.


Accept that the vitality of society wants your real living.


Accept that the vitality of civilization wants your good values.


Accept that the vitality of truth wants your honest emotions.


Accept your times of vitality for existing reality goods and values, civil goods and values, social real living, honest emotions.


Do the good significances of earning money FOR existing times of humanity reality goods and values, humanity civil goods and values, humanity social real living, humanity honest emotions.


The good must do the vital requirements that are necessary for health because of the bad.  Any affects from the bad don’t feel good.  Be athletic for adapting to emotional trauma.


How to feel good and behave good for others:  anyone that doesn’t hurt you use them for friendly feelings.


The feelings of livable goods:  any behavior you do for feeling vibrant or healthy or fresh or innocent or satiated or positive or happy or honest or real or good or lively or animated or relaxed or feeling good.  At least, practice feeling the calmness you want of any pains or hurts.


The livable feelings for good emotional and psychological health:


The behavior of liked participation with others:


The kind behavior to kind strangers:


The good behavior to good people:


The liked respect of your good behavior:


The personal values stronger than social problems:  facts of good, facts of positive, facts of psychological strength, facts of extensive personal strength, completely developed mentality of positive psychological and philosophical strength, personal health of emotions, advanced socialization, highly advanced philosophical strength, metabolic orderliness of tolerance and immunity and fortitude.



Chapter 5 Good Reasons


1)  You like good that feels appreciated.

2)  You reason need for good truths for feelings.

3)  Good Feelings.

4)  Good Thoughts.

5)  Good Significances.

6)  Good Being.


Doing any times of good is more likable.


Your feelings only feel good with good.


The good want good anyway.


God is good and more.


Reality determinants of the most value are all good.


Acceptable feelings are always of the set of good feelings.


Only doing goods gets you good living.


You get happiness of happy behavior.



Chapter 6 Recovery from any not good


Memorize Stress Management.


Practice the values of Life and Living for emotional health.  Regularly maintain your practiced values.


Relax your jitteriness of doubts and difficulties by maintaining calmness of your emotions and feelings.  Use Stress Management.


Use bathing and drinking very much fresh water for maintaining painless feelings of exertion or toxins buildup.


Your dislike of the effort or time for work is probably because of your stressed emotional health of minor infections or toxins—that you haven’t alleviated.  Use vitamin B-complex, Ester vitamin C with bioflavonoids, vitamin E, antifungals, Nutra-Biotics grapefruit seed extracts, comprehensive antioxidants, comprehensive anti-parasitics….I recommend coffee before work.  Clean yourself of physical sweat regularly.


How to take care of yourself:  practice any ideas of my books that helps you live better as good times.


Practice appreciative significances of your day to day experiences.  Feel good feelings of such appreciative significances.  Feel personal health with such practice. 


Maintain your healthy feelings with practiced recollections of healthily accepted memorable good feelings.  Feel psychological strength with that maintenance.


Think about your practiced and maintained significances of your healthy personality.  Remember your abilities of personal health.  Live good with yourself.

For your hurts do vital emotional recovery (as best and as often as you can), and physical health.


For your social stress do worthy socialization of emotional goodness to others.  Offer with humbleness, healing emotional feelings as a behavior of equal respect.


The values of the most personal security:


The personal regrets of stress or difficulties are best managed as health practices.  Heal any immature regrets or any personality sickness regrets for your best interests.



Chapter 7  Mental Conditioning of Personal Good


The most effective psychological good for real living is comprehensive emotional health.


The quality of your beliefs provides better manageable behavior of your needs and desires.


Practicing believing and feeling the values of Intuitive Happiness, Life and Living, Stress Management.


A better value set of attitudes for personal regularity of happy feelings:


Practice your personal personality agreeability of your feelings more often for emotional health.  Feel healthy.


Really good feelings:


The happinesses feelings:


Psychologies of negative—possible remedies:


The personal regrets of enjoyment should be managed with practicing any friends or any fun.


Practice the belief of responsible behavior for your personal happiness.  Try values of good beliefs for your personal happiness.  Only practice good behavior.  Maintain practiced goods as a significance for your good living.



Chapter 8  Doing Actual Good by You for You


From a good liver of society:  You emotional health would make you live good and is the truest form of luxury.

The self-esteem value for self acceptance of one’s place and standing:


A good value for individuals for responsible attitudes:


Practice justifications for your happiness.  Specifically, for the justification of your happiness with all your estimations of your life—do behavioral likes of your values for always felt feeling.


Values and methods to teach 3 year olds for a lifetime of health of vitality:



Note to those of you that follow my writings regularly:  I expect the completion of Life and Living by September.  A comprehensive copy of the first 30 chapters.  If my writing is the same as it was for Intuitive Happiness.  I’ll probably improve Life and Living until 2007.  How to Feel Good is probably gonna be 10-12 pages until September.  Because I promised to complete Life and Living by September.  Life Mechanics:  How to Functionally Live I probably won’t write until 2005 at the earliest.