How to Feel Good


By George Chun Fat

Revised July 10, 2004

Copyright 2004 George Chun Fat

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This book gives you the truths of being good.  Appreciating good anyhow for enjoyable and likable significances.  Liking good significances themselves—for vitality, stimulation, calm lusciousness, elation, exuberance and zeal.  Learning capacities simply of being and doing good—by simply being and doing good.


How to Feel Good works better with the book Stress Management.  If you desire objective truths, read Intuitive Happiness and Life and Living.


This book attempts to bring out your own personal given talents, whatever they may be, for living good day to day.  You do more often that which you can do, and live with.  You feel better because others want to be good with you more often; because they like your personal good--that you get to do as social mechanics living.  More importantly, you could feel stronger and better because you are doing good for yourself more often.  Choose continuous self-ability of good emotions and betterness.  Feel the vitalness of good respect and impressive living of your days.


You desire self acceptance as often as possible.  You want continual health, physiological health, emotional health, psychological health, philosophical health, and healthy feelings.  You really want to feel good with yourself and others.  You want some happiness and pleasure.  You appreciate good feelings more than other feelings.  You want livable being and doing of your life mechanics.  This book teaches livable feelings.


Try to recover from negative hurt because you need the possibility of feeling the health of your early years.  You got something of emotional positive with this book How to Feel Good.  Truly you are the one that wants health of mind and body.  Always accept as personal fact the need for daily living good.  Insist to yourself you got the possibility of feeling good because you made yourself healthy with my books.—As the reality of good I give you.  Do the truth of that that is good.  Then you are feeling and living that truth that is for of you.  You accept such possibilities for your personal feelings.  Live honest mutual goods positively real.  Accept that possibility.—The book.


I would like to thank those that feel good with me and my good feelings.


Believe your personal biorhythmic day to day self acceptance and always practice your endurance and fortitude.


Recommendation:  consider thinking the facts of living itself for daily living; instead of deducing emotional stressors (such as believing the frustration of immature gossipers).


Author’s note:  all my books are written in the style of Ayn Rand’s Epistemological Objectivism.


Consider your objective facts of living that you live your goods most objectively of all.  Do not struggle against others.  Accept good livers.


Feel truths of your early years of good childness that wants healthy feelings.


Want emotional health with hours of tranquility as fact.


Medicate your hurts with feelings of emotional goods, exercise, goods from others, faith for healthy feelings, and paragraphs #53-75 of Stress Management.

Accept your abilities of true times of goodness.  Especially taking the time to calm your emotions and feelings as necessary.  Try to do any medicating behaviors for the health of your personality.  Try to do any medicating behaviors for any hurt pains of any reason as best you can.  Do the minimums of using any known vitalizers as necessary.—Example: if you feel tired, stressed, or kinda hurt take an extra vitamin; or drink additional vitality calmers or fortifiers.


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