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Wounds of a Man

By Agufa Kivuya (Kenya)



Back at the statehouse life again became normal. The president’s joy was reinstated as his last hope was home with him. Her lovely heir was alive and not as he previously thought. There was humongous celebration at the statehouse. The president psychological torture was over. Akinyi was back home safe and alive. The president immediately started grooming her to take over from him as his term was about to expire. Akinyi was the pride of his life and the president started walking with her to key state functions and meetings and always gave her a chance to say a word.

This did not go well with the president’s elder brother. He was widely known and celebrated as heir to the president after the disappearance of Akinyi. He had persevered the humiliation and torture under his younger brother just because he was assured of being given a coat with many colours. Now he realized all his perseverance was for nothing. All attention without apology had swiftly turned to Akinyi. This ate him up although he remained quiet about the matter. He thought trouble shared was troubled magnified and not halved. He had to do something even though he dithered

Even though Akinyi was back home, her disappearance had impinged on the president’s lifestyle. He had become a lunatic philanthropist. He sold his entire wealth abroad and used the money to help the needy and to give people handouts. This also didn’t go well with his elder brother who thought he had a share in Hamisi wealth. So silently he suffered inside, as he had nothing to do.

A year after Akinyi’s grand return home, the president sold half of his real estate in the country and inconceivably used the money to sponsor bright needy students to study abroad in expensive universities. This ruffled feathers in the family. His elder brother watched in utter disbelief as he was told to keep off. Akinyi on the other hand was startled and alarmed. The president was impoverishing them and whoever would bankroll her campaigns. The only one who cared less was the imperturbable Adisa, who was indifferent throughout, insisting there was nothing wrong with helping the needy.

The day Akinyi heard his father talking about selling more, she went to see her uncle for a serious talk during the night.

“Uncle, where is all this leading us to?” She asked perturbed.

“I don’t know,” Sam answered desperately. “I have tried to speak to him but the moment I finished I got the infamous two spats.”

“No, we must do something.”

“There is nothing we can do.” Sam said hopelessly. “The behavior is invincible and trying to alter it is like trying to change the spots of a leopard.”

“Uncle Sam you don’t understand. If this continues we will be declared bankrupt and yet campaigns are about to begin.”

“Your father has a mental problem that prompts him to act in such a manner and there is no cure for the problem.”

“So, what do we do?”

“Only his death can stop this,” Uncle Sam said flippantly. “Death,” Akinyi echoed back.

“Yes, that is the only option we are left with. Even right now am told part of our company in the city is sold out.”

“What,” Akinyi was shocked. “We have to act and act fast. What do you suggest?

“Death is the only option left.”

After a great deal of mulling over it, Akinyi said, “Then how do we do it.”

This was what Sam had been looking for a long time; Hamisis death, and here was opportunity. “It’s easy, I can talk to his doctor, who will inject him with slow poison although at a lefty fee.”

“What if it boomerangs?” Akinyi inquired.

“We are going to do it impeccably right like pundits.” “What if the doctor declines and reveals our plan to him?”

“I know a doctor who has an insatiable hunger for money, so we will just dangle notes before his eyes and we will have our way.”

Akinyi didn’t like the idea of murdering her own father but his mental condition was compelling her. The conspiracy was to be well guarded as the born again Adisa was never to get wind of it. So, it was one of the top guarded secret in the world.

After some months, the president began suspecting his health as he was gradually wearing thin. Every time his trusted doctor ex\mined him he said all was well. Although his instinct warned him, of danger somewhere, he thought it suicidal to visit another doctor while in the world of politics that was immensely polluted by malice and assassinations. Who could trust a new doctor? The doctor had been his doctor for four years and have never short-changed him. He was a man worthy of trust, as wily as a serpent and harmless as a dove. The president trusted him and his medical explanation was final. There was no argument because the doctor had treated him for years and had won his heart.

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