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by Erica Mendoza

(AuthorMe Country Editor, The Philippines)


Mysteries and Mistakes Worth Ignoring

Since our childhood days, when our minds were fresh and vulnerable, we were bombarded with small knowledge brought to us through fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and the now all-time favorite cartoons. I bet we never questioned the validity and the accuracy of these children made literature, yet, as we grew older and yes, wiser, we cannot anymore DENY to ourselves that there are problems with what were taught to us. Aw come on! You know what I’m talking about. Don’t be ashamed and let’s all face the secret challenge we suppressed to ourselves. Come now my enchanted friends, let us take a peek and face the brutal truth!

- The Three Little Pigs should be the Three Piglets. Little pigs are called piglets.

For a while I got confused there. When our language teacher taught us that we call little pigs as piglets, I asked, “How come the three little pigs are not called the three piglets?” My good teacher said, I was just being funny and then she ignored me. I bet she wondered to herself, pondering about what I asked her.

- How did the ugly duckling become a swan?

Ha! Just how can a duckling become a swan? This is very insulting to kids! Even my son, realized how silly the story is. Of course, the duckling wasn’t a duckling at all. It was a baby swan. But the title misleads millions of children and adult around the world! It should be THE MISTAKEN IDENTITY OF THE UGLY DUCKLING.

- What is wrong with little red riding hood? Can’t she recognize a wolf when she sees one?

If you go visit your grandmother and see her looking like a wolf, too big for her bed, with a face and figure unmistakably of an animal, wouldn’t you scream and get a metal rod and beat the ugly wolf to death? I would. But apparently, little red riding hood was a little confused and yes, stupid.

- If Goofy is a dog. What exactly is Pluto? A dog with a pet dog?

Ok, we all know that Goofy is a dog, Mickey Mouse’s friend. And Pluto is Goofy’s pet. If Goofy is a dog, what is Pluto? Pluto is a dog! So how can a dog have a dog for a pet? Isn’t that ridiculous? And Goofy speaks while Pluto can’t! Jeez… I don’t get it.

- How come Winnie the Pooh doesn’t wear any underpants?

Children often asked me this strange question. Where are Winnie the Pooh’s underpants? I really do not have any valid answer to this highly sensitive question of children. As I see it, Winnie the Pooh does not have to cover anything. It doesn’t have any sexual organ appropriate to an animal.

- If Jack fell down and broke his crown, why did Jill come tumbling after?

Think people. Jack fell down by accident and broke something, but why did Jill come tumbling after Jack? Isn’t that so silly of her? For fun? Maybe. But that’s just so insane! I wouldn’t come tumbling after my friend if he falls and break his legs!

- Why is Snow White named snow white? Are there snow black, snow red, snow blue?

We know snow is white. Enough said.

- The seven dwarfs should be the seven midgets. Dwarfs are supposed to be really tiny and difficult to see.

Well we all know how dwarfs are depicted in pictures we see. They are very tiny, almost impossible to see. Snow White’s seven dwarfs are not dwarfs, they are midgets for pete’s sake! Midgets are small but grown up people, exactly the seven that Snow White was so happy to be with.

There are many more mysteries and mistakes surrounding our children’s literature that we were afraid to explore and contemplate about. But now that we are grown-ups, we should be brave enough to stress the mistakes and ask the mysteries and be enlightened once and for all. If you have any more questions and problems that are bothering you philosophically, spiritually, and intelligently, please do not be ashamed to ask. Let it be known!

After all, we all deserve a peace of mind.


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