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There, by David C. Cook III


by David C. Cook III

Jenny Wren


A Biblical Chronicle

Present tense stories Bible times by Jenny Wren (Lois Blashak) and the late David C. Cook III

Radical Leadership for the New Millennium, by Jacob Hevi (Austria)

Leadership has been the topic of discussion, so also values

But the intimate functional relationship between leadership  and values has not been given enough attention. The thesis of this book is that authentic leadership which alone can fulfil the aspirations of humankind in the new millennium is the leadership based on, directed by and oriented towards the fulfilment of fundamental values of various groups and the universal humankind- the leader being the symbol and promoter of fundamental human values.

Book Cover



Love is the Foundation of Peace, by A. R. Wielgus (USA)

Argentina - Working Children, by Maria Cristina Azcona (Argentina)

How to Build Interior Peace, by Maria Cristina Azcona (Argentina)

Education for a New Millennium, by Maria Cristina Azcona (Argentina)

Journey through Nigerian Literature: A Coat of Many Colors, Review by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

Hiawatha, by Artur Wielgus (USA)

Game Over: The Middle east Peace Process, by Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)

The Journey of a Manuscript - By Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

Kosciuszko – The Tallest Mountain in Australia, by Artur Wielgus (USA)

Nigeria from 1966-1970: The American Files are not from Heaven, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

Peace Formation, by Julie Pisacane (USA)

Chinua Achebe : A Reflection of When Things Fall Apart , by Rene Wadlow (France)

A Journey through Nigerian Literature: A Coat of Many Colors, Review by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

Game Over: The Middle east Peace Process, by Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)

Peace-building? Are you kidding!!! by Punam Yadav (Nepal) reprinted with permission from Nepali AdvocatePunam Yadav

The Teacher Drops her Marker for the Last Time: Tribute to Carol Anaele - By Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

Is it Over for Nigeria? - By Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

The Science of Achieving Success, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) -Watch for Upcoming Book

Boko Haram's Media Bombing Campaign, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

The Art of Argumentative Writing The Inductive Approach, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)

The Philosopy of Reading: The Context Mining Approach, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)

Share and Share Alike, by Sarah Fisher (USA)

The Basis for Ojukwu’s Greatness, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema  (Nigeria)

Ironsi and Jonathan - Faces of the Same Coin?, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema  (Nigeria)

A Tribute to Matthew T. Mbu, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)


Obama’s SOTU emphasis on fossil fuels and nuclear power: colluding with special interests, denying science, destroying the planet, killing all the people, by Summers Marshall Jefferson (USA)


Obama’s January 24, 2012, State of the Union Address Environmentally Irresponsible, Life-threatening, and Unacceptable, by Summers Marshall Jefferson (USA)


Federalism Risk Assessment, by Dr. Bishnu Pathak - Executive Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Center (Nepal)


The Issue of Federalism in Nepal Appears More Complex than the Peace Process and Constitution Writing , by Dr. Bishnu Pathak - Executive Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Center (Nepal)


The Psychosocial Impacts of the "Beyond Scared Straight" Program, by Claue Shema R.(Canada)


Cosmos Architecture, by Khaled M.Kh.S Alnobani (Jordan)


Arabic vs. English Wording, by Khaled M.Kh.S Alnobani (Jordan)


Now that Issues have been Joined, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)


Co-Cultural Relections, by Khaled M.Kh.S Alnobani (Jordan)


Civil-Military Relations: Theories to Practices, by Dr. Bishnu Pathak - Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Center - and Dr. Surendra Uprety (Nepal)


Africa’s Zero Label Image, by Akinyi Princess of K'Orinda Yimbo (Germany)


Cymric Strain - Book 2, by Una Howell (USA - circa 1893) Current

Chapter 1 - Evanston

Chapter 2 - The Department of Music

Chapter 3 - Northwestern University

Chapter 4 - Beaued

Chapter 5 - Late for the 1am Train

Chapter 6 - A Visit from Home

Chapter 7 - Bill Declares Himself

Chapter 8 - Engaged to be Married

Chapter 9 - A Grand Piano for Me?

Chapter 10 - Apartment Life in Evanston

Chapter 11 - On the Train with a Pass

Chapter 12 - Eric’s Decline

Chapter 13 - The Organist

Chapter 14 - Lilly Dies

Chapter 15 - An Unprincipled Woman

Chapter 16 - Music Critic

Chapter 17 - A Rich Young Man

Chapter 18 - Helping the World

Chapter 19 - On a Bicycle Built for Two

Chapter 20 - Mendelssohn Concerto in E Major

Chapter 21 - The Meister Way

Chapter 22 - An Admirer

Chapter 23 - Gentlemen Callers

Chapter 24 - The Scotchman

Chapter 25 - Checking on Maynard

Chapter 26 - Rich Young Man - Not so Much

Chapter 27 - A Page Removed!

Chapter 28 - The Marriage

Chapter 29 - Plans for a Marriage

Chapter 30 - Honeymoon

Chapter 31 - A New Home

Chapter 32 - Getting to Know Elgin -1901

Chapter 33 - Our First “Mobile” (Auto)

Chapter 34 - Life in Elgin

Chapter 35 - Preparing for Childbirth

Chapter 36 - Stillborn!

Chapter 37 - Live Leeches to Treat an Ear Ache

Chapter 38 - Winfield Illinois Sanatorium

Chapter 39 - George's Mother

Chapter 40 - Mother Cook and the Mansion

Now that Gaddafi is Gone, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)


Satan has Relocated to Jos, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)


Women and DDR in the World, by Dr. Bishnu Pathak - Executive Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Center (Nepal)


PopUps, Inverted Files and A Unique Citizen Make Up for a Doomed Time Bug. What For?, by Michèle Ohayon (Paris)


Narration Analysis, by Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)


Conflict and civil in Cote d’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast), by Dr. Claude Shema-Rutagengwa


Statement of Existence, by Khaled Alnobani


A Prefix too Many, by Akinyi Princess of K’Orinda-Yimbo (Germany)


A Fifth of an Ounce, by Ironteeth Rum Spigot (UK)


The Spanish Admiral, the cocktail party and the polylinguist, by Ironteeth Rum Spigot (UK)

Arabian Taboos, by Khaled Alnobani


We Are the New Egypt!, by Warren Turner(USA)
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The Shot that Shook the Nation: Reflections on the January 15, 1966 Coup, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

Nigerian Literature at Fifty: A Coat of Many Colors, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)


Sexual Intimacy: A Divine Perspective, by Ndungu Mungai (Kenya)


American History in Textbook Form, by Marshall Pickel (USA)


Articles on Counterterrorism by Chris Cobar (USA) Current

  1. Why we should Expect another 9/11
  2. The FBI - Part 1
  3. The FBI - Part 2
  4. The FBI - Part 3
  5. Why911 - Part 1
  6. The First World Trade Center Bombing – 1993
  7. Bojinka, Part 1 - The Killing of a Pope & 4,000+ Passengers
  8. Bojinka, Part 2 - Aftermath of an Almost Massacre
  9. Bojinka, Part 3 - After the Aftermath – Confusion & Craziness
  10. Oklahoma City Bombing - Homegrown Terrorism or ?
  11. Bin Laden on a Silver Platter - Why We Refused
  12. Escalation to Disaster - Part 1
  13. Escalation to Disaster - Part 2
  14. Assaults on America & Americans
  15. 2001 - Prelude to Mass Murder
  16. 2001+ : Denial and Devastation, Part 1
  17. 2001-2004 : Denial and Devastation, Part 2
  18. Iran – Mecca of Mayhem & Murder, Part 1
  19. Iran – Mecca of Mayhem & Murder, Part 2
  20. Federal Fixits, Part 1
  21. Shackled & Shorted - Federal Fixits, Part 2
  22. Agents & Assets - Federal Fixits, Part 3
  23. Babel - Federal Fixits, Part 4
  24. Political Correctness vs. Profiling
  25. Department of Homeland Security - To Be or not To Be, Part 1
  26. Diplomats vs. Dits
  27. "Pats" vs. "Pros"
  28. Anniversaries & Addenda
  29. Middle East Mêlée
  30. Bin Laden's Dead: Good News/Bad News

???? Tabernacle, by Phillip Ghee(USA)


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Swadhisthana

Chapter 3 - Manipura

Chapter 4 - Anahata

Discovering a Tone, by Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)


The Cursed Fortune, by Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Canada)


The Man Behind the Star - 150th anniversary of Paderewski's birth - by Art Wielgus (US)


Who Decides Wisdom?, by Khaled Alnobani


Cymric Strain, by Una Howell (USA - 1876-1949) Current

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Father

Chapter 3 - Dartmouth

Chapter 4 - Killolog

Chapter 5 - America

Chapter 6 - Arrival

Chapter 7 - Gracious Living

Chapter 8 - I Am Born

Chapter 9 - My Name

Chapter 10 - Neighbors
Chapter 11 - The Cyclone

Chapter 12 - The Old cemetery

Chapter 13 - Music

Chapter 14 - Religion

Chapter 15 - The Circuit

Chapter 16 - Hero Nos. 1

Chapter 17 - Pageantry

Chapter 18 - Mommy

Chapter 19 - Mental Quirks

Chapter 20 - Decoration

Chapter 21 - Domestic Animals

Chapter 22 - Episode

Chapter 23 - Barn Life

Chapter 24 - Vanities

Chapter 25 - Happy Hollow

Chapter 26 - New Horizons

Chapter 27 - Disciplines

Chapter 28 - An Experimenter

Chapter 29 - Health

Chapter 30 - Murder

Chapter 31 - Misunderstandings

Chapter 32 - Charm

Chapter 33 - Problems

Chapter 34 - Coming Events, Etc.

Chapter 35 - The Wedding

Chapter 36 - At Home

Chapter 37 - Cross Currents

Chapter 38 - A Baby

Chapter 39 - Dr. Winston

Chapter 40 - The Visitor

Chapter 41 - Buffetings

Chapter 42 - Agenda

Chapter 43 - David

Chapter 44 - Exit

Immortality, by George Chun Fat (USA)

Introduction, Chapter 1
Ontological Fancies, Chapter 2

Totality Mechanics, Chapter 3
Complexity Theory, Chapter 4
Physics, Chapter 5
Math, Chapter 6
Philosophy, Chapter 7
The Celestially Angelic, Chapter 8
Reality Acceptance of Goodness, Chapter 9
Psychological Psychometrics, Chapter 10
Cardinal Psychometrics, Chapter 11
Estimated Afterlife of Past People, Chapter 12
Evidence, Chapter 13

Which Way Africa?, by Akinyi Princess of K’Orinda-Yimbo (Germany)


Facing History for Social Healing – Rwanda Survivor, by Dr. Claude Rutagengwa (Canada)


Islamic Perception of the Governing Will, by Wossool Alosool


Psychological Interventions (Western vs. Local Approaches), by Dr. Claude Rutagengwa (Canada)


The Visitor, by Titus Mutuma (Kenya)


Most Biased Supreme Court Decision Since Dred Scott, 1857, by Warren Turner (US)


It's His Will, by Titus Mutuma (Kenya)


Africa's Willed Recolonisation, by Akinyi Princess of K’Orinda-Yimbo (Germany)


Bring to an End the Cycle of Lack, by Titus Mutuma (Kenya)


Critical factors & Emergency of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda, by Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Canada) Posted 1/17/10

The Politics of Managing the Boss (excerpt), by SM Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)


The Bomb Ticks away for Nigeria, Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema Posted 1/5/10


Bridging Gaps Between Humanity, by Akinyi Princess of K'Orinda-Yimbo (Germany) Posted 12/21/09


Unsafe Abortion in Brazil, by Fernanda Pattaro Amaral (Brazil) Posted 12/20/09)


Swimming in Greenbacks, by Evans Kinyua (Kenya) Posted 11/25/09


The Story of Magadi, by Evans Kinyua (Kenya) Posted 9/13/09


Ethno-political conflict in the ex-Belgian Colony, by Claude Shema-Rutagengwa (Norway) Posted 9/5/09


Nigeria's Ticking Bomb, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria) Posted 8/5/09


Notes on the Latest Strain of Influenza - A Virus, H1 N1, by David Lomuyu (Sudan) Posted 7/6/09


Tales from the “EO” Files, by SFC (Ret) Cora Ann Metz (US) Posted 7/4/09


AKWABA – The African Week in Nuremberg - Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th June 2009, by Akinyi Princess of K'Orinda-Yimbo (Germany) Posted 6/27/09


My Hangover, by Cora Ann Metz (US) Posted 6/27/09


Tea Candles can't be Trusted (US) Posted 5/31/09


The Sensible Method of Transitioning from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Fuels, by Warren Turner, Farmers Growing Fuel (USA) Posted 5/6/09


At the Core of Africa's Problems, by Akinyi Princess of K'Orinda-Yimbo (Germany) Posted 5/9/09


Pink Declines Whiteness, by Akinyi Princess of K'Orinda-Yimbo (Germany) Posted 5/2/09


Human Personality, by Evans Kinyua (Kenya) Posted 4/11/09


An Open Letter to President Obama About Renewable Fuel, Farmers Growing Fuel (USA) Posted 2/28/09


The Teacher as a Leader , by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Posted 2/14/09


On the Threshold of a Dream - Renewable Fuels in America , by Warren Turner, Farmers Growing Fuel (USA) Posted 2/7/09


Pan-Africanism through Peace, Non-violence and a Non-discriminative Lens, by Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway) Posted 2/7/09


Theory of Knowledge, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Current

How to Win your Wife's Heart, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh)


‘Let us Avoid Escalating Violence’ - Interview with Archbishop John Baptist Odama, Uganda’s peace advocate, by John Oryem (Sudan)


Sexual violence against Tutsi women in Rwanda in 1994 , by Llezlie L. Green (ed. Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa) (Norway) posted 12/20/08


Straightening Nails, by Kenneth Mulholland (Australia) Posted 12/13/08


The Moon Has Disappeared from the Sky: A Tribute to 'Mama Afrika', Miriam Makeba, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria) Posted 11/11/08


4 November 2008: (Obama) A New Beginning?, by Pr. Johan Galtung (Norway) Posted 11/8/08


Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance, by Ndim Bernard Ngouche (Cameroon) Posted 11/1/08


Does Africa Really Need Financial AID from the International Financial Servicing Houses?, by Ndim Bernard Ngouche (Cameroon) Posted 10/18/08


The Map of the Soul , by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Posted 12/1/08

Nonviolent Communication, by Claude Rutagengwa (Norway) Posted 9/6/08

What Does It Mean to Love God?, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Posted 8/31/02

What Is Love?, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Posted 8/31/02

Parental Child Beating vs. Children's Rights, by Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway) Posted 8/16/08

The Barbarians are in Town: The Kano Assault on Intelectualism, by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria) Posted 8/10/08

UN Security Council Reform: Making a Case for Africa’s Giant, Nigeria, by Mac-Edwin Obi (Nigeria) Posted 8/2/08

Fast Food Robbery Etiquette, by Merrill Guide (USA) Posted 8/2/08

Trade Malpractices: The Bane of Africa, by Mac-edwin Obi (Nigeria) Posted 7/26/08

Africa the Rising Sun, photo essay by Karin Ezeakor (UK Posted 7/19/08

Murphy, a Memoir by Robin Timpanaro (USA) Posted 7/4/08

Rape as a Weapon of War: Misandry vs. Misogyny - My Opinion about Systematic use of Rape and Torture in the Conflict in the Congo, by Dr. Rutagengwa Claude Shema (Norway) Posted 6/29/08

50 Years, 100 Peace & Conflict Perspectives: Review by Dr. Rutagengwa Claude Shema (Norway) Posted 6/29/08

A Patriot's Song (Nigeria) Posted 5/18/08


The Fun of Aging, by Cora Ann Metz (USA) Posted 5/3/08


National Infrastructure & Architecture for Peacebuilding and Peacemaking - The Case of Burundi , by Dr. Claude Shema-Rutangengwa Posted 3/8/08


How Information Technology (IT) Has Transformed the Operations of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, by Mac-edwin Obi (Nigeria) Posted 4/27/08


The Mystery of Creation, Destruction, and Natural Calamities: an exposition in light of science and the Qur’an, , by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Current

Secret Knowledge of the Qu'ran , by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Current

The Black Hole, by Dr. Claude Shema-Rutagengwa, MD (Norway) Posted 1/12//07


How Haiti Abolished its Military, by Dr. Claude Shema-Rutagengwa, MD (Norway) Posted 12/23/07


Nuclear Weaons and World Safety, by Dr. Claude Shema-Rutagengwa, MD (Norway) Posted 12/15/07


Hear no Evil , by Scott Dunbar (USA) Current

Love, Sex, and Marriage , by S.M. Zakir Hussain (Bangladesh) Posted 11/03/07


Virtual Love and e-Communication , by Dr. Claude Shema-Rutagengwa, MD (Norway) Posted 9/15/07


Terrorism: When a Healer becomes a Killer, by Dr. Claude Shema-Rutagengwa, MD (Norway) Posted 9/1/07


Ending War, by Howard Richards Posted 7/14/07


International Law, by Robert Wright (Japan) Posted 6/10/07


The Secret's Out, Preface, by Jacqueline Lambert LCADC/MA (USA) Posted 5/20/07


The Beautiful Victorian, by Susan Tihorn (USA) Posted 5/20/07


Reconstruction in the Aftermath Period , by Claude Shema Rutagengwa Posted6/2//07


Reconciliation, by Claude Shema Rutagengwa Posted 5/28//07


Intervention as a Crisis Prevention Mechanism, by Claude Shema Rutagengwa Posted 5/14/07


Conflict prevention through shared power: The Rwanda Case, by Claude Shema Rutagengwa Posted 5/6/07


Reaching An Loc, by Alfredo G. Herrera (an author-me paperback) - Chapter 2 Posted 4/7/07


Agape Hearts, by Valerie Bradley-Holliday, Ph.D. (USA)  Posted 3/24/07


Transcend Africa Report: 2006-2007, by Rais Boneza (Norway)   Posted 3/18/07


Development and Global Warming, by Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway)   Bio   Posted 2/18/07


Strange Love in a Strong Heart, by Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway) Posted 3/18/07


Port Sudan Journal, by Victor Lugala (Sudan)  Posted 2/3/07


A Brief Visit Back to Britannicus, by Leslie Weddell (UK)   Posted 2/3/07


God Talks to Abraham, by Jenny Wren (USA)  Posted 2/4/07

Write a How-To First, by Patricia L. Fry  (USA)  Posted 1/28/07

Eldercare - In the Life-Care Home, by Jenny Wren (USA)  Posted 1/29/07

Rwanda - France:  Ill Diplomatic Relations, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway)   Bio   Posted 1/20/07

Faith and Crime in an Old and Civilised World, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway)  Posted 1/14/07

Conflict in Eastern Congo (DRC)  - Peace Perspectives, by  Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa (Norway)  Posted 12/24/06

Stranger than Fiction, by Sharif Khan  Posted 12/12/06


Queen Helen of Sparta in the Secret Garden, by Kenneth Mulholland (Australia) Posted 10/21/06

Elections Towards Peace and Stability In D.R. Congo, by Rutagengwa Claude Shema (Norway) Posted 9/30/06

Key to Success: 10 Success Tips for Maximum Achievement, by Sharif Khan  Posted 10/1/06

Leadership Lessons from Pope John Paul II, by Sharif Khan  Posted 9/17/06

Middle East Conflict Analysis (Johan Galtung, edited/adapted by Rutagengwa Claude Shema)  Posted 8/5/06

Improving Rural Health, by by Rutagengwa Claude Shema Posted 7/21/06

Cyril, by Leslie Weddell   Posted 7/15/06

The Shadows of Yesterday, by Carmen Pena   Current

City Cousins in the Country, by  Diane Stark (McConnell) Sanfilippo Posted 7/8/06

Africa Report - Raïs Neza Boneza  A weekly series starting 4/15/06

Africa in the Face of the Development of Others  Posted 4/15/06

War and The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Great-Lakes Region of Africa  Posted 4/15/06 4/15/06

International Migration and Development Revisited  Posted 4/22/06

Ghettoization or Globalization of African Literature   Posted 4/29/06

Great Lakes Region of Africa - Burundi, by Rutagengwa Claude Shema (Norway) Posted 5/6/06

Sudanese Internal Displaced People: Challenge for the Future Administration, by Raïs Neza Boneza  Posted 5/13/06

Transcend Africa Network: Report on Refugees  Posted 5/20/06

Rwanda: Conflict, Genocide and Post Genocide  Posted 5/27/06

Rwanda: Child Rights Associations & Youth Movements, by Rutagengwa Claude Shema  Posted 6/7/06

Assistance, Bi-lateral Cooperation and Humanitarian Interventions, by Rutagengwa Claude Shema  Posted 6/22/06

More than Life Itself - Memoir by Diane Stark (McConnell) Sanfilippo  Current

Foreword by Gen. David A. Bramlett (ret.)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - We Meet

Chapter 2 - Our First Date

Chapter 3 - January - February, 1961

Chapter 4 - The Copper Mine

Chapter 5 - Our First Fight

Chapter 6 - We Get Married

Chapter 7 - Our honeymoon

Chapter 8 - No More Secrets

Chapter 9 - Billy's Surprise

Chapter 10 - Our First Home

Chapter 11 - Fertile Valley

Chapter 12 - Summer Camp

Chapter 13 - Summer, 1961

Chapter 14 - Fall, 1961

Chapter 15 - Pineapple Sandwiches, etc.

Chapter 16 - Our First Christmas Together

Chapter 17 - Our First Anniversary

Chapter 18 - Our Son is Born

Chapter 19 - Turning Point

Chapter 20 - Graduation - 1962

Chapter 21 - Summer, 1962

Chapter 22 - Fall - 1962

Chapter 23 - 2nd Lieutenant William E. McConnell

Chapter 24 - Christmas - 1962

Chapter 25 - The Camellia Garden Apartments

Chapter 26 - Officer's Basic

Chapter 27 - OCS School - Spring, 1963

Chapter 28 - Airborne School - Spring, 1963

Chapter 29 - Last Trip to N.G.C. - June, 1963

Chapter 30 - Summer, 1963

Chapter 31 - November, 1963

Chapter 32 - Early Spring 1964

Chapter 33 - The Funeral

Chapter 34 - The Aftermath

Chapter 35 - Home at Last

Chapter 36 - Life Goes On

Chapter 37 - Billy's 24th Birthday

Chapter 38 - Thanksgiving, 1964

Chapter 39 - Ranger School

Chapter 40 - Christmas, 1964

Chapter 41 - The Wedding

Chapter 42 - Second Honeymoon

Chapter 43 - Ranger William E. McConnell

Chapter 44 - Our Second Child

Chapter 45 - Our Journey - 1st Stop - Griffin

Chapter 46 - Our Journey - 2nd Stop - Atlanta

Chapter 47 - Our Journey - Memphis by Suppertime

Chapter 48 - Next - Oklahoma City

Chapter 49 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Chapter 50 - Pike's Peak to Denver

Chapter 51 - Too Much Snow - Back to Albuquerque

Chapter 52 - Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Chapter 53 - Grand Canyon Notional Park

Chapter 54 - California Here we Come!

Chapter 55 - Lost in LA -

Chapter 56 - Southern Hospitality - California Style

Chapter 57 - Seafood, More Heat, and Sears

Chapter 58 - Disneyland

Chapter 59 -More Heat and Darby’s Rangers

Chapter 60 -Bon Voyage!

Chapter 61 -On the High Seas

Chapter 62 -Our Voyage Continues

Chapter 63 - Aloha Hawaii

Chapter 64 - Paradise and More

Chapter 65 - Sunset Beach

Chapter 66 - Paradise at Ke-Nui

Chapter 67 - More Adventures in Paradise

Chapter 68 - Even More Adventures in Paradise

Chapter 69 - Mischief in Paradise

Chapter 70 - The Punchbowl Ceremony

Chapter 71 - Labor Day Cookout & The Tsunami

Chapter 72 - Drums of War

Chapter 73 - Bloody September

Chapter 74 - The Nightmare Continues

Chapter 75 - The Long Journay Home

Chapter 76 - The Decision

Chapter 77 - Rest in Peace, My Darling Billy - New

Confessions of a Would-be Gardener, by Diane Sanfilippo   Posted 4/29/06 Author Spotlights, by Leslie Weddell

The Real "James Herriot  Posted 11/5/05

Too much Turkey and not enough Gravy, by Rev. James L Snyder   Posted 12/4/05


The Time was When: Reflections on Writing Time Travel Tales, nonfiction by Dave Cassel Posted 11/5/05


"A Ladye Fayre"…, nonfiction by Leslie J. Weddell (UK)  Posted 10/9/05 Tending to Needs, by Cora Ann Metz Posted 10/2/05


Licorice Riley: 12/1/87 – 1/7/02, by Sean Riley   Posted 8/13/05


Trafalgar 2005, by Leslie J. Weddell  Posted 7/4/05


Pleading for Terri, by D.E. Austin  Posted 6/26/05


Writers of the Dark Regions, by Ken Mulholland (AuthorMe Editor, Australia)   Revised 6/19/05


Addicted to Meaning, Opinion by Sean M. Swaby (Canada) Posted 6/19/05


We Are the Winners, by John Oryem (Sudan)  Posted 4/30/05

Tina Portelli - from

Memories (for Pope John Paul II), by John Oryem (Sudan)   Posted 4/8/05

The Path to a Cultural Democracy in Africa, by Rais Boneza    Bio   Posted 1/22/05


Know Thyself - For Those who Want to Write, by Ken Mulholland (Australia) Posted 2/4/05


Contest Advice for Screenplay Writers, by Lynne Pembroke (February, 2005)


Novel to Screenplay: The Challenges of Adaptation, by Lynne Pembroke and Jim Kalergis  (January, 2005)


Earth Down, Book I, Celebrations of Being, by Matthew Blevins (G)  Posted 1/8/05

Farthest Reaches - Book II

Random Thoughts and Musings on Little League Umpiring, by Ivan V Avetissian (G) Posted 10/24/04

Old G.I. s and Sleeping Dragons, by Sgt. Doug Francescon   bio   preface   Posted 9/11/04 -

Chapter 1 - The Dragon Chapter 2 - The Cruise Chapter 3 - Rookies Chapter 4 - Suffering Chapter 5 - The Guys Chapter 6 - War Chapter 7 - Living in a Hole Chapter 8 - The Routine Chapter 9 - Homecoming Chapter 10 - Life After the War Chapter 11 - Finding My Way Chapter 12 - Special Information


Fly Fishing in the Canadian Cariboo, by Bill Hodges Posted 8/29/04


Base Six and the Astronomical Merry-Go-Round, by James Nienhuis (G) Posted 7/22/04


Baseball and correct grammar don't always mix, by Jim Nelson (Bluefield Daily Telegraph) (G)  Posted 6/3/04


Learning Love in Theology and Literature, by Mark Cosens (G) Posted 4/11/04


Life and Living,  by George Chun Fat (G) - Revised 1/29/05

Table of Contents Introduction


How to Feel Good,  by George Chun Fat (G) - Revised 6/29/04

Table of Contents Introduction


Stress Management,  by George Chun Fat (G) - Posted 3/27/04

Table of Contents Introduction


Double-Time, by Tina Portelli (G) Posted 1/25/04


Macy's Sad Sibling, by Tina Portelli (G)


Bubble Gum, by Stan Anderson  (G)


The Jewish Rye Boys, by Tina Portelli (G) Eminent Domain, by Sharon Lumley (G)


The Tishbite, by Kurt W. Schuller (G)


Remedy, Judicial Nonfiction by William Dixon (G) The Ballpark, by Sean Riley (G)

Easter Egg Hunt, by Jayne Nagy (G)

Do They Know?, by Annette Walker (G)

Help! Emergency!! Someone call 911!!
(But please, don't call Jayne), by Jayne Nagy (G)

Just a Bunny, by Katrina Elliott (G)

Miracle of Love, by Karla D. Greene  (G)

A Walk in the Woods, by Rhonda L. Moore  (G)

Writers' Agendas - A Serious Examination, by Kenneth Mulholland (Australia) (G) An AuthorMe Special Article

My Candyman, by Tina Portelli (G)

To Dance with my Parents, again, by Sarah-Elizabeth Ratliff (Orick)

Leave or Die!, by Rais Neza Boneza (Refugee from D.R. Congo) (G)

The Dream Ascending (An AuthorMe Special Article on the place of 'Dream' in the writer's armoury - on Sencha)  by Kenneth Mulholland  (G)

Double Edge Pledge, by Tina Portelli (G)

What is Gothic?, by Adrya Stinbridge (G)

I Fall to Pieces, by Sarah E. Ratliff  (G)

World Citizen's Democracy, by Rais Neza Boneza (Refugee from D.R. Congo) (G)

The Good Old Boy Network, by Lee W. Gaylord Frances, by Tina Portelli (G)

Fred, by Tina Portelli (G)

Of Truth and Fiction, by Erica Mendoza (G)

The Smiling Child of the Equator, by Rais Neza Boneza (Norway) (G)

Butins de Chair, by Rais Neza Boneza (Norway)  (G)

Message for New Writers, by Rais Neza Boneza (Norway)    

My Tree and Me, by Tina Portelli    

Horse with no Name, by Tina Portelli   

Demon Dreamer, by Tina Portelli    

People Behind Bars, by Rais Neza Boneza (Norway)    

God Created You: A Guide to Temperament Therapy, by Dr. Rick Martin

Dr. Rick wrote God Created You: A Guide To Temperament Therapy to provide information in a fun, easy to understand, non-clinical format so people could understand who God created them to be, how God created others and how to have happy, healthy relationships with the rest of God’s creatures (people; yes, God created them the way they are also, just as He did you). He is convinced this book will help anyone who has any relationship (at work or home or play) to be the person God intended them to be and to enjoy happier, healthier relationships. More... Silent Father/Hidden Family, by Tina Portelli   

Concrete and Lemon Ice, by Tina Portelli 

For the Love of George, by Tina Portelli

How to Write for the Internet, by Lynette Rees   The Plight of a Refugee Poet, by Rais Neza Boneza  An Interview by Rena Williams

Waiting for Sunrise, by Mary Rapach    Shock Treatment, by Alec Rene  

To Be Human, by Troy Angel 94 Year Itch, by Derek Fisher Luigi's Marriage, by Jim Colombo  God, by Josh Guarino  A Fish Story, by Jerry Janofsky  Eliyahu and the Messiah, by James McCabe Intuitive Happiness, by George Chun Fat   Revised 5/11/02!

Table of Contents Background Introduction Chapter 1

Chapters 2-19 - held for later publication

Daddy's Prayer, by John Beaver

Angelica's Wish, by J. McArtor 

The Green, Green Grass of Home, by Robert Levin 

Train Rides Ain't the Same, by Cory Metz

Steeplechase Santa, by Tina Portelli 

In these time when priests are getting such bad press, I decided to write this story about my great uncle. This story was published today in my local newspaper, The Brooklyn Heights Press. I wanted to share it ........some good priest press.

Spring Festival Away from Home, by Lois Wang  (China) Max, by Jim Colombo 

I never wanted a dog, especially a small dog, but somehow Max found me five days after the Loma Prieta earthquake shook the San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 1989.

This story accepted for commercial publication.

A Tribute to September 11th, by Jack R. Noel 

My Journal - Midwest Girl, by Abbe Willner

Although the story is sad in many ways, it is also humorous. All my whole life, people have told me I should write a book, why not start now? Chapter 1

Olympic Torch, by Jack R. Noel

Live Fast, by Wayne Green It's Life, but Not As We Know It, by Lillian Hannah Fly Fishing in the Canadian Cariboo: A Perfect Trip, by Bill Hodges

Prison:  An Experience of Dante's Vision, by Bethel Abba

It was already a cold dreary January day when they tried to turn off my sunshine....

Clearly, Love Does Take Time, by Rickilyn Schneider 

A Quetico Journey, by Corey Hudler

The Ups and Downs of Life in Only 6 Months, by Nicole Miller

The Dome, by Corey Hudler Max's Restaurant, by Mechelle D. Jucar   


The Choice, by Susan Leslie 

Seek God, by Susan Leslie 

Evening's End, by Joshua Goodwin 

The Meaning of Life, by Stedwick 

Faith is Real, by Gabriel  

British Columbia Adventure, by Bill Hodges 

Bristol Bay Fish Camp, by Bill Hodges 

A Possibility of Realities , by Simon Marshland

CottonWoolBall, by Sim

Undying Love, by Darrell J. Strutz  

I Am a Chicken, by Jeremy Almeida

The Bingo Players, by Emma Pitts

An Exploit of the Templars, by Michelangelo Pyramids

A Tale of Two Religions, by Michelangelo

Nameless, by Know Me

Hell's Courthouse, by Anne Sullivan 


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