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The Origins of 9/11
The First World Trade Center Bombing – 1993

by Christian Cobar


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Why We Should Expect Another 9/11

                        Article #6 – Origins of 9/11

        The First World Trade Center Bombing – 1993


                                       Chris Cobar


          Truth being stranger than fiction, we will now review the First World Trade Center Bombing.  It greatly resembles an old Keystone Kops episode.  Actually, it’s hard to tell who made more mistakes; the terrorists or Uncle Sam.  Presumably, we can vote on it later if you like.

          After the Soviet-Afghan War, everyone went their own ways.  Since the players will come and go, it seemed best that I list the original players, their organizations (where applicable) and the bombings in which they participated. 

First, I will give you my Cheat Sheet for the bombings and participating groups:

          WTC-1 = First World Trade Center Bombing – 26 February 1993
          OB = Operation Bojinka – planned for 21-22 January 1995
          OKCB = Oklahoma City Bombing – 19 April 1995
          WTC-2 = Second World Trade Center Bombing – 11 September 2001
          ASG = Abu Sayyaf Group

The Players:

Abdul Basit Karim (a.k.a. Ramzi Ahmed Youssef) – WTC-1, OB
Abdurajik Janjalani – ASG
Ahmed Mohammad Ajaj – WTC-1
Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman – WTC-1
Wali Khan Ahmed Shah – WTC-1
Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (Youssef’’s uncle) – OB, WTC-2

           After the Soviet-Afghan War ended in 1989, Youssef (WTC-1 & OB), a Baluchi, Pakistani returned to his childhood home, Kuwait.  Born in 1968, Kuwait was then a haven for hotheaded Palestinians and other American haters.  His father, an engineer, had worked for the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.  He received an engineering degree from Swansea University in Wales.  His school breaks were spent in Pakistan.  Soon after his graduation, Youssef returned to Peshawar, Pakistan and joined the war, along with his childhood friend, Murad (OB).  There he met Janjalani, Ajaj, Sheikh Rahman and Shah.

          After Saddam invaded Kuwait, Youssef collaborated with the Iraqis.  He didn’t like the native-born Kuwaitis any better than the Russkies.  When Uncle Sam and the Allies’ hardware hit the highway headed north, Youssef decided to do the same.

          Accompanied by a militant Libyan missionary, he headed for the Muslim Philippines and linked up with his old army pal, Janjalani (ASG).  In return for teaching the ASG the fine art of bomb making, the Abu Sayyaf would house and feed him and also case the Cebu and Manila airports for him.  He left for a while, rounded up Murad and Shah, and them returned to Mindanao in December, 1991.

          Once back in the jungle, serving as the “Chemist,” he began teaching Explosives 101.  It is reported that this was where Youssef and Terry Nichols (OCB), a.k.a. “The Farmer” first met.  Nichols had married his second Filipina wife in 1990.  After finishing his teaching, Ramzi took to the road.

          Perhaps the conversations with Terry Nichols lit a light.  Something had triggered something.  His attention was refocused and redirected.  Youssef began concentrating on attacking America directly.

          On September 1st, 1992, Youssef entered the U.S. in New York, utilizing a genuine Iraqi passport with a false name.  He had no American visa.  Instead he had a plea for political asylum. He was accompanied by fellow conspirator and Afghan war hero, Ajaj, who was traveling on a fake passport.  At Customs, Ajaj was arrested and his luggage impounded, which, unfortunately for Youssef’, contained his bomb-making manuals.

         Youssef would have been arrested but the holding cells were already chock full. 

Waxing Biblical: “There was no room in the Inn.”  He was told to:

“Come back in a month.”

Upon arrival, Youssef contacted Sheikh Rahman, who had established the Al-Kifah Center in Brooklyn.  Rahman arranged housing for him with one of his followers, El-Sayyid Nosair.  Nosair had assassinated the militant Rabbi Meir Kahane while he was giving a speech to over 50 people on November 5th, 1990.

The following month, October, Ramzi tracked down his friend, Murad (OB), who was also in the States and enlisted his assistance in selecting a suitable target, which would ensure a maximum of casualties.  Murad pointed to the World Trade Center.  The target had been tagged.

Digging in for the ‘duration,’ Youssef bought a car.  Then he went into a New York City Court and successfully petitioned the Judge for the return of his manuals.  With his newly restored recipes, he hit the road, and soon thereafter another car.  Youssef was hospitalized and his auto hauled off and impounded.  Yet again, his magic manuals were ‘guests of the government.’

Released from the hospital, Youssef raced to the police impound and again retrieved his missing manuals.  Reunited with his previously restored recipes, he collected his co-conspirators and began to boil his brew.

In February, 1993, Youssef rented a Ryder truck, which he later reported as stolen.  On the 26th of the month, Youssef, with his driver, Ismoil handling the Ryder truck, followed by a second getaway car, had the truck parked in the underground lot at the World Trade Center.  There he removed his altered Casio watch, set the timer and left the truck.  He jumped into the getaway car and fled.

The truck exploded; 6 killed, 1040 injured.

Youssef jumped a plane for Detroit and then on to Pakistan.

Thus ended the 1st World Trade Center bombing. 

Next article will be Operation ‘Bojinka.’ 

Until then


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P.S. For those of you who want more than a snappy synopsis of the whys and wherefores of 9/11, I refer you to It is managed by a good friend, John Berger.  He is a certified terrorist consultant, who documents his colons and commas.  If it's there, you can take it to the bank.

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