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Iran – Mecca of Mayhem & Murder - Part 2

by Christian Cobar


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Why We Should Expect Another 9/11

                        Article #19 –

Iran – Mecca of Mayhem & Murder - Part 2


                                       Chris Cobar

We’re still dealing with Iran, however this time it’s up close and personal.  Part of this article has never seen the light of day, until today.  As we previously determined, the murdering Mullahs have been responsible for almost every dastardly deed since Adam – global warming exempted.

          After 9/11, it was not surprising that Uncle Sam asked if my Muslim Prince and I could locate Osama bin Laden.  We put our people to work.  Never confirmed, but, according to reports, on 1 November 2002 an Iranian mini-sub surfaced in Indonesia.  A “tall- thin fellow with a long beard” appeared on deck.  He met with various [according to the FBI] ‘persons-of–interest.’  After their chitchat, he retired below decks and the sub submerged.  We do know that at the same time, one of Iran’s 4 mini-subs was not in their dock at Bandar Abbas.  Was it bin Laden?  Don’t know but all the details pointed in that direction.  It’s a judgment call: yes it was; no, it wasn’t.

          As you will recall from previous articles, my Muslim Prince was from Southeast Asia.  His family had been there for the past 700 years or so.  However, the origins of his family centered in Yemen (then Hadramaut).  His family had meticulously maintained ties with his kin back home.

          After 9/11, we were tasked with trying to trail Osama.  Accordingly, the Prince activated his “Team Yemen.”  Yemen was one of the few countries which played tolerable well with Teheran.  Our “Team Yemen” followed him through Yemen, into Oman and then across the straits to Iran.  We found him in Bam, before the earthquake.  Knowing that he had at least one child, if not more, in Iran made this not terribly surprizing.  At one time, he had disguised himself as a girl.  Talk about giving new meaning to “ugly.”

          We dutifully reported all our findings.  Equally, not surprisingly, we never heard a word from Uncle Sam.

          O.K., we’re now going to fast forward to the early summer of 2008.  The Presidential elections for both Iran and America were in high gear. Here, it was McCain against Obama.  In Iran, it was Mousavi vs. Ahmadinejad.  Protests against the Iranian elections erupted everywhere, both inside and outside the country.  The possibility of change in Teheran was in the air.

          Through a couple of European Muslim associates, I was introduced to an Iranian-ex-patriate.  Apparently, Pasha’s family had been prominent under the Shah.  It had been deemed wise, for reasons of health, that he and his family leave Teheran in 1979.  He had subsequently grown up in the Middle East.

          As is the habit, after dealing with the business at hand, we got to asking one another about each other’s backgrounds, beliefs, etc.  It was most illuminating.

          In June, 2008, once the mutual comfort and trust factor levels had been attained, we got into other matters.  Pasha opened the subject.  He had three friends who wished to share their knowledge with the West.  The story ran as follows:

           Recognizing that he was about to entertain unwelcome visitors, Saddam Hussein decided that it was about time that he got his biological and chemical toys out of Dodge.  He did not want to get caught with those in his cupboard, especially since they had been outlawed by international convention decades earlier.

          Accordingly, on or about 1 March 2003, a convoy of 57 trucks, trailers, et al. headed out of Baghdad for points east.  By the time the Americans and their allies dropped by Baghdad roughly three weeks later, there was no sign of any inappropriate weapons in his arsenals anywhere.  Not terribly surprizing, since they had already been moved out of the country.

          Pasha’s pals wanted to come forward with all the whats, whens, wheres, and hows.  However, they did have a few caveats.  President Bush, as a lame duck, was deemed a non-sequitur; therefore the seated government could not be contacted.  I had thought that with Obama being a Kenyan-born Muslim, they would want to go with him.  They were absolutely adamant; they wanted McCain and only McCain.

          I’m not really sure how it came about; it just did.  Since we could not discuss it openly, we had to go into code.  As it stood, three Wisemen were coming from the east bearing gifts [of knowledge] to the Christian West. Accordingly, I waxed Biblical. 

Pasha’s pals became the 3 Magi; Pasha became Gabriel, the Archangel of Annunciations.  My retired 3 star General became the Centurion.  We even ended up with an alternate Centurion.  I had a Wandering Shepherd from the fourth estate to document the event and Palace Guards from the USSS to assist; just about everyone in the Nativity was represented.  I don’t remember my codename; I’m pretty sure that I was the ass in the manger.

You have probably already guessed what happened or rather what didn’t happen since you never read about in the press.  Once again, nobody gave a damn.  Everyone and everything was focused on the upcoming Presidential elections; Iran be damned.

Even after all my years of being repeatedly disappointed by my Uncle Sam and his minions, I still found it hard to believe that there was no interest.

Think about it.  We already had definitive proof that Saddam had these weapons; we had seen him use them against Iran as well as gassing his own people: the Kurds up north and the Shi’ites in Basra.  They had to have gone somewhere; they didn’t just evaporate.

Iran had been sitting on these Weapons of Mass Destruction for over half a decade.  However, they never said a word.  Why?  If they had no intention of using these weapons, why did they not wave the flag and have them publically destroyed.  It would have done wonders for their public relations and especially in the summer of 2008 they needed all the help they could get.  Therefore, one must conclude that they kept these weapons and the secret for a specific purpose, with the full intention of using them, if deemed necessary.   

If you take this knowledge and then add it to Iran’s dogged determination to develop a nuclear ‘enrichment’ programme, despite major international pressure to the contrary, it really makes you wonder exactly how ‘peaceful’ is their quest and their intentions.  I know which way I’m voting.

Finally we have arrived at my favourite phase of these articles: the Federal Fixits.  For 19 articles, we have waded through all the garbage and goof-ups. 

My momma always said that you cannot tear something down unless you have a solution for the problem.  According the next batch of these articles will outline ‘Chris’ cures.’   

Until next time.


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P.S. For those of you who want more than a snappy synopsis of the whys and wherefores of 9/11, I refer you to It is managed by a good friend, John Berger.  He is a certified terrorist consultant, who documents his colons and commas.  If it's there, you can take it to the bank.

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