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The existence of humnanity is in peril. Its worst enemy is not only violence, war or terrorism, but also a profound lack of love, sensibility and empathy. A complete change for all of us is possible, but only will arrive from an innovative thought and a serious research on the possible ways out. Let us find the cure to this severe illness that is causing the decadence and perhaps death of our blue planet Earth. (featuring articles by Ada Aharoni, Ernesto Kahan , Susana Roberts, Evelin Lindner, Harold Becker , Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, Guy Crequie, Stephen Gill , Ammar Banni and Latinamerican authors)

Product Details
Copyright Cook Communication
(Standard Copyright License)
Publisher Cook Communication
March 1, 2014
Pages 181
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.72 lbs.Dimensions
(inches)6 wide x 9 tall ​


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Nonfiction Titles

Urgent Open Letter From IFLAC To President Mahmoud Abbas, by Dr. Hilarie Roseman (Australia)

Verification Of Role Modeling In Iranian T.V Series, by Ali Abdosamadi (Cypress)

Five Simple Formulas for Easy Life, by Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi (Nepal)

InterCultural Humanism and Value Oriented Education, by Dr. Chintamani Yogi (Nepal)

Education for Peace (With Gandhian Perspective) , by Dr, Chinta Mani Yogi (Nepal)

The West and the Fascist Mindset Within: Romani Folk under Fire, by Dr. Rais Neza Boneza (Norway)

Wireless in its Heyday, by K.S. Mulholland (Australia)

The days when Radio reigned supreme
Bob & Dolly Dyer
Two Young Men
Memories of HSV 7 Melbourne Graeme McNamara and Phil 'Dixie' Duncan
Leaves of Time
Television. Early days in Melbourne
Harold Holt, Paul Dethridge and me
The One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Beginning of The Great War
Norman Spencer G.T.V 9 / H.S.V 7, and Alf Potter H.S.V 7
Early Television days in Melbourne, Australia. The 1960's.
World of Sport - 2.

Effects Of Alcohol Advertisements On Students, by Ali Abdosamadi (Cypress)

Nordic Countries and the Congo Colonization, by Dr. Rais Neza Boneza (Norway)

India’s PM Modi towards World’s Top Leader Keeping Confidence with Neighbors, by Dr. Bishnu Pathak (Nepal)

Is South Sudan An Eyesore To The World?, by John Oryem, Ph.D. (South Sudan)

Review of: Decolonizing the North, by Jamileh Dastmardi, Ph.D., (Cypress)

Verification of Journalistic T.V Logos in European Union (Euro news, France24 and BBC), by Jamileh Dastmardi, Ph.D., (Cypress)

Growing Up, by Carmen Rizea (Romania)

Review of 52 Great Poker Tips: At Home, at Tournament and Online by Lou Krieger (USA)

Love is the Foundation of Peace, by A. R. Wielgus (USA)

Argentina - Working Children, by Maria Cristina Azcona (Argentina)

How to Build Interior Peace, by Maria Cristina Azcona (Argentina)

Education for a New Millennium, by Maria Cristina Azcona (Argentina)

Journey through Nigerian Literature: A Coat of Many Colors, Review by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)

Hiawatha, by Artur Wielgus (USA)

Game Over: The Middle east Peace Process, by Khaled Alnobani (Jordan)

The Journey of a Manuscript - By Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema (Nigeria)


More Nonfiction Titles


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